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Kristallnacht Reception History

How has our understanding of the Nov. 9-12, 1938
anti-Jewish pogroms in Germany changed over time?

page compiled by Harold Marcuse
(professor of German history at UC Santa Barbara)
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created November 3, 2008, updated under construction

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  • This page links to essays, documents, and links about how views about what happened on 'Kristallnacht' 1938 has changed from 1938 until today. It is an example of what I call Reception History (my Reception History Definition page).
  • It may be years before I get to making this page. For the time being I'm just storing some items I find doing other things.

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  • 1998: Was Kristallnacht planned in advance?
    Swiss civil servant and amateur historian Vincent C. Frank (born 1930) published an article and contacted a number of scholars about his research into this question. He later created his extensive "Falsafiability" website to publish his research. It has many documents and accounts indicating that the pogrom was planned long before Herschel Grynszpan murdered Ernst vom Rath on 7 November 1938 (follow the links in the text brought up by the "Falsifiability" bar on the left. It includes "Reactions" by a dozen scholars to whom he sent his evidence. The Internet Archive page for his homepage indicates the website was begun in 2002.

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