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Marcuse at his desk in June 1999
You thought you were just going to get a larger version of this Oct. 2010 picture by clicking,
but you also get to take a trip into past pictures...

Marcuse at his desk in June 1999
Spring 2005 picture by UCSB photographer Rod Rolle

Marcuse at his desk in June 1999
Prof. Marcuse at his computer desk in June 1999.
(note the Jan. 1998 picture--below--on his monitor)

Marcuse at his desk in January 1998
Prof. Marcuse at his office computer desk in January 1998 ...

Harold Marcuse at a 1992 conference in Brussels

At a December 1992 conference.
(I was hired at UCSB that September.)

Still haven't had enough? See how he looks when students come to complain about grades.

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