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  1. Map of Germany in 1990, Map of Germany in 1990showing states and population figures, from Fulbrook, Divided Nation, p. 342. (larger image)
  2. Ursula Duba, "The Master Race," 1999 poem by the German-American author (b. 1939 in Germany) of Tales from a Child of the Enemy (link)
  3. Daniel Rogers, "The Misuse of the American Occupation of Germany," Nov. 4, 2003 post to H-German, with 2 responses (link)
  4. Secretary of State James F. Byrnes on his Sept. 1946 speech in Stuttgart, in: James Byrnes, Speaking Freely (1947), 187-191. (text of speech itself [link updated 3/12/06])
    In Sept. 1996 US Secretary of State Warren Christopher gave a speech commemorating and assessing Byrnes' speech in retrospect (link1; link2; Byrnes' biography--scroll down for background on speech; John Kenneth Galbraith, economist, U.S. State Department, claims to have written speech-1998 CNN video script, scroll down).
  5. George Marshall, Mar. 1947 speech in Moscow: “The U.S. Wants One Germany,” Speech by the US Secretary of State, in Vital Speeches of the Day, 398f. (see also Marshall's June 5, 1947 Harvard speech announcing his plan: link).
  6. President Eisenhower, letter to Chancellor Adenauer, July 23, 1953, in: Documents on Germany, 1944-1961, 141-144 (link;Time magazine's 1953 Man of the Year story about Adenauer)
  7. Premier Khrushchev, Moscow speech about Germany, June 21, 1961, in: Documents on Germany, 1944-1961, 663-666. See also his August 1961 Moscow speech to eastern bloc Communist Party first secretaries (link to Mt. Holyoke site; scroll down to asteriks for actual text)
  8. East German Government, decree regarding travel in Berlin, Aug. 13, 1961 (+US response), Documents on Germany, 1944-1961, 723-726
  9. John F. Kennedy, Berlin Speech, June 26, 1963 (Public Papers of the Presidents) (link1, link2)
    [see also February 26, 1969 speech by Nixon, and July 14, 1978 speech by Carter)
  10. Ronald Reagan, Remarks at Bitburg Air Base, May 5, 1985, in: Geoffrey Hartman (ed.), Bitburg in Moral and Political Perspective (Indiana UP, 1986), 259-61 (Reagan library version; preceding Belsen speech)
  11. President Richard von Weizsäcker, May 8, 1985 parliamentary speech (excerpt), in: Geoffrey Hartman (ed.), Bitburg in Moral and Political Perspective (Indiana UP, 1986), 262-264. (The Bundestag offers the German text (contextual narrative); the DHM exhibits an LP recording and has a Weizsäcker biography)
  12. Ronald Reagan, Berlin Speech "Tear down this wall!", June 12, 1987 (Public Papers of the Presidents) (US Embassy; Reagan Foundation)[see Nov. 11, 2004 LA Times op-ed piece]
    [see also Reagan's June 9, 1982 speech to the Bundestag; George Bush Sr's Oct. 2, 1990 speech; list of all US presidential visits]
  13. "The Troubled Emergence of an Idea," in: Dirk Philipsen, We Were the People: Voices from East Germany … 1989 (Duke, 1993), 35-55.
  14. "Fear, Guilt, and Revenge," in: John Borneman, After the Wall: East Meets West in the New Berlin (Basic Books, 1991), 150-73
  15. William Clinton, Berlin Speech, July 12, 1994 (Public Papers of the Presidents) (link; July 11 press briefing about July 10 toast; July 11 press conf. w/ Kohl; closing US military brigade in Berlin)(see also press conferences w/ Kohl: Mar. 26, 1993; Feb. 9, 1995; )
  16. M. T. Mehr and R. Sylvester, "The Stone-Thrower from Eisenhüttenstadt," in: Granta, 42(Winter 1992), 135-143.
  17. "German Citizenship and Naturalization," from: German Information Center, New York, Feb. 1993 (later publication-text different than photocopied one)
  18. Michael Dear, "Tear Down Our Own Berlin Wall" / "California Commentary," in: Los Angeles Times, Dec. 8, 1996.
  19. Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel, "German-American Partnership" (Apr. 1993 speech)
    Vital Speeches of the Day, 489 (page one only)

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