1992 edition

Updates to Mary Fulbrook,
Divided Nation: A History of Germany, 1918-1990

1992 edition - 2002 edition

for Hist 133c, Winter 2006
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2002 edition

2.5 pages added at the end of chapter 13
new edition pages
; 281; 282
1 page added at the end of chapter 14
new edition pages

the top of p. 279 is in the old edition on pp. 368f;
only the final sentence from the old edition has been deleted.

p. 279 top
p. 279 bottom

p. 280 top
p. 280 bottom

p. 281 top
p. 281 bottom

p. 282 top
p.282 bottom

p. 282 top
p. 282 bottom

Added to the end of Chapter 14:
the last paragraph on 368f of the old edition was replaced by:

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p. 300 bottom

p. 301

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