UCSB Hist 133D
The Holocaust in German History

Prof. Marcuse
Oct. 9, 2001

Lecture 5: Attaining Power (L3 cont'd)

  1. Q1: According to source R1, there were two main variants of antisemitism that came together in Nazi Germany, an older one and a newer one. What were they?
    Bonus for fourth point: relate a category of EIEIO (besides ideology) to each of the two types.
  1. Lecture topic changed from "Antisemitism"—greater depth on L3 instead
  2. Hitler’s path to power [finishing L3; slides]
    1. Industrialization
    2. Rise of mass parties: SPD on left, nationalist (and racist) associations on right
    3. World War I and Versailles Treaty -> inflation and depression
    1. For me, primary underlying "cause" (prerequisite): the Great War (World War I)
      This was an "international" factor that gave rise to particular economic occurrences
      slides of election posters, diagram of party spectrum, overlay/handout of election results
    2. How did this happen? Hyperinflation to Great Depression
    3. Political repercussions: instability, ultimately turmoil
    4. The political spectrum