UCSB Hist 133D
The Holocaust in German History

Prof. Marcuse
Oct. 18, 2001

Lecture 8: The Path to World War II

Theme: History isn’t simple (As simple as it seems)

  1. Q2 next Tuesday (chap. 6, analysis 2 and sources); also return journals and proposals
    Visit by survivor (syllabus Oct. 25) prob. Nov. 1
  2. Recap: What do we have so far?
    1. A leader, focused and obsessed on certain goals, but chaotic in ability to implement/realize
    2. An elite competing among itself for access to the leader’s power, within a chaotic structure
    3. An uncritical, ungenerous populace, doesn’t see through pleasing images, focused on narrow personal goals
  1. Steps to World War
  2. Blitzkrieg
  1. Doc. Film "Mein Kampf," Erwin Leiser, 1961, 12 mins. from Austria (3/1938) to Warsaw (9/1939)