UCSB Hist 133D
The Holocaust in German History

Prof. Marcuse
Oct. 23, 2001

Lecture 9: The Path to the Holocaust

  1. Preliminary: return journals & book proposals: comments (esp. Nazis, Nazis’, Nazi’s)
  2. Discussion of films
      1. cinematography (critique) [overdramtized; survivor’s voice better; new perspective]
      2. relate to Massaquoi: moment of liberation
  3. Concentration camp system: summary of phases
    1. civil war: neutralization of opposition (real and imagined)
    2. race war: enslavement, extermination
      race war by other means (during "total war"): extermination through work
    3. chaos: panic and desperation among personnel
  4. Deaths in concentration camps, extermination centers: draw a graph of phases