UCSB Hist 133DProf. Marcuse
The Holocaust in German History Nov. 16, 1999

Lecture 14: Jewish Collaboration and Resistance

  1. Preliminary
  2. Collaboration, Opposition, Resistance
  3. Film clip 7-9 mins: 1968 documentary "Warsaw Ghetto," on the 1943 ghetto uprising
  4. Taxonomy of Behaviors from Active Perpetrator to Passive Victim
"Aryan" (on the "dishing out" side) intermediate groups
nations: Hungarians, Lithuanians;
organized beliefs: Comm., Jeh. Witn.;
behavioral: prostitutes, homosexuals
Jews, gypsies (on the "receiving" end)
active perpetrators: develop initiative to realize goals of system resistor: actively works to destroy system
role of moral principle
(conscious risk and choice)
resistor: works to destroy system
(also a survival strategy)
 altruist: takes risk to thwart system goals; ameliorates consequences survivor: attempts to shape own fate, works to thwart aspects of system
passive: accepts and carries out dictates of others someone who denies reality, "doesn't know" victim: accepts own fate, does not take action