UCSB Hist 133P, Spring 2004
Proseminar on German History in the 20th Century

Prof. Marcuse
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Hist 133P: Web Publication Guidelines
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  1. E-mail me an electronic version of your paper at the beginning of week 10, after you have made the corrections suggested by your peer reviewer. Do not modify this version after you have sent it to me. (May 31, June 1-2)
  2. I will make corrections in this version with Tools->Track Changes set on, and return it to you for final editing and corrections by Friday, June 4.
  3. Make an appointment with me prior to or during our exam time (June 7) to convert and upload a final version. E-mail a copy to me AND bring a copy on a disk.
  4. If you would like to include any images, these must be mailed/saved as separate files (do not just insert them into the word document). However, indicate in your paper where they should be inserted. You can use a notation like: [pic1].

Project Elements (index page of actual book essays)

Your final submission must have the following elements in addition to your book essay text:

  1. Your title "page" should be only one centered paragraph, with the text separated by linebreaks (use <shift-enter>):
  2. Your Title:
    Your Subtitle
    Research paper written by
    Yourfirstname Yourlastname
    UCSB, June 2004
    for Prof. Marcuse's proseminar German History in the 20th Century
    (course homepage; research paper index page; Professor's homepage)

  3. An about the author sentence or paragraph, in which you describe: yourself (major, class year, relevant interests), and the extent of your background in German/European history (e.g. personal/family connections, previous coursework, travel). You might also give any personal information about why you chose your particular topic.
    Example: I am a senior history major who has taken 3 courses in European and Holocaust history. One of my professors mentioned that when he was in college, none of his textbooks discussed the Holocaust. I wondered when they started including substantial discussions of it.
  4. An abstract of your paper: about 4 or 5 sentences, in which you briefly describe what your paper is about, what your sources were, and state your main thesis or result.
    Example "I have examined five different sources about Oskar Schindler's life and have found that although his behavior was indeed heroic, aspects of his life story have been much exaggerated…"
  5. The text of your paper. Please use 1.5 or double spacing. Do not use underlining, only bold and italics (underlining will be for links). Format block quotations with Format-Style-Block Text (set at .5 left indent, and 12point space after).
  6. Your bibliography, with the full bibliographic information for all primary sources, books, articles and internet sources you used, and important works that you were not able to obtain. You may include brief annotations about them.

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