UCSB Hist 33D, Fall 2003
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Holocaust

Prof. Marcuse
Office hours: Tues. 1-2, Wed. 1-2

Hist 33D Midterm Evaluation (Oct. 30, 2003=L12) (pdf print version)

Your candid answers to the following questions will provide me with feedback that will help me to improve my teaching in general and this course in particular. The survey is anonymous: do not write your name on this page!

  1. Self Evaluation (this helps me to assess your other answers; please circle closest match):
    My GPA makes me an: A / B / C / D student.
    I am a: freshman / sophomore / junior / senior , and my major is: ______________
    How many Tue-Thu lectures have you missed? none / 1 or 2 / 3 or more
    How many Tues. evenings have you missed? none / 1 or 2 / 3 or more
    How much background did you have in Holocaust history before you took this course? lots / some / none

    I do the readings: always / usually / sometimes / I am very behind
    On the journal assignments I work: hard / moderate / expend little effort.
    Overall: I really like this course / this course is ok / I really donít like this course.
  2. Lecture style. Please comment on the style of the lectures; circle where appropriate:
    In general, are they (circle): easy to get the main points / ok / hard to follow ? If the latter, why? ______
    If you were to have one thing different, what would it be? ________________
    Do you ever want to say something, but end up not participating? no / sometimes / yes
    Is there any particular thing that annoys or distracts you?
    Is there anything that the professor should do more of or less of?
  3. Lecture Content. Think about what you wanted or expected to learn when you signed up for this course.
    Please name any particular lectures/topics/reader essays that stand out in your mind as particularly good, bad, "useless":

    Please name the most interesting or important things you learned so far this quarter?

  4. Readings, Films, Museums, Web Site: Please rate on a scale 1=useless to 5= ok to 10=excellent.
    Enter a "0" or
    "ó" if you havenít read enough to judge, or didnít attend that film.
  5. _____Textbk: Collotti, Hitler & Nazism
    _____Spiegelman, Maus
    Reader (see also above, content)
    films: Triumph of the Will
    _____Riefenstahl biography


    _____The Wave
    _____Life Adolf Hitler
    _____Selling Murder
    _____Nazi Designers Death

    ______ Wannsee Conference
    ______ Milgram expts
    ______ Escape from Sobibor
    ______ Web site; frequency per week: 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / more

    Do you have any film or book suggestions? Please name them:

  6. Examinations
    I like the "five questions:" better than a midterm / neutral / worse than a midterm.
    Final exam I prefer: 2-hour in-class final / take-home, word limited final / oral: groups of 3 for 10 mins.
  7. Comments. Any other comments? How is the workload? The journal assignment? The group projects?

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