Hist 33D, L 4: The 1920s: Golden or Leaden?
by Prof. H. Marcuse, UCSB, Oct. 2, 2003

Overarching questions: Were the 1920s good (golden) years, or bad (leaden)?
Longer term (see films): Did the Nazi movement "force" itself on the German people, or was it very popular?

Collotti p. 15 detail
1925 Georg Grosz satire

1924 Reichsmark banknote
Banknote printed during the INFLATION of 1923

Textbook p. 15: discussion of quotation

The 1920s in Germany

1924-29: Golden Years?

"Flaws of Weimar"?

Mein Kampf (My Struggle): Hitler's autobiography, vol. 1 in 1924

Mein Kampf about Jews"In this time of bitter wrestling between educating my soul and cold rationality the Vienna streets did me an invaluable service by giving me a concrete lesson. The day arrived when I wasn't wandering the streets of the mighty city overwhelmed anymore, but took in not only the buildings but also the people.
Once while I was walking through the city I suddenly encountered an appearance in a long black robe with black curls.
Is this also a Jew? was my first thought. They hadn't looked like that in Linz. I covertly and cautiously observed the man, but the longer I stared at this strange face and questioningly examined it feature after feature, the more the first question changed in my mind to another version:
Is this also a German?"

(see also this scan from the same chapter 2 pages before, with Hitler's description of his first encounters with the term "Jew" in his childhood: Mein Kampf on Jews pp. 54f [1931 German edition])

Hitler and RohmHitler and Röhm

Film clips

How Hitler fits in, I: Intentionalism

How Hitler fits in, II: Structuralism

How Hitler fits in, III: Functionalism

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