UCSB Hist 33D, L 11: Collaboration: Judenrat & Ghetto Police
by Prof. H. Marcuse, UCSB, Oct. 28, 2003

Why do people commit (participate in) mass murder?

  1. Journals due; announcements; Q3
  2. Discussion of Browning and Goldhagen
  3. motivations
  4. categories of perpetrator
  5. Collaboration: questions of power, morality


Midterm Q3

  1. Goldhagen's occupation statistics show that the men of Batt. 101 were disproport. from: a. lower classes b. middle stratum c. elite
  2. In Lomazy Lt. Gnade selected 20-25 elderly Jews and made them crawl.
    What did he tell his men to do to them?
  3. Who else besides children does Rumkowski ask for?
  4. Why doesn't Perechodnik's wife take poison?
Browning, Ordinary Men cover Goldhagen, Hitler's Willing Executioners

Browning vs. Goldhagen

"Ordinary" or specifically German?
What sources do they use?
Methods? (How do they analyze sources?)
What arguments do they make?
What do they conclude about the men's motives?

Roundup of (indiv.) Motivations (again)

Categories of Perpetrator


prepared for web by H. Marcuse, Oct. 28, 2003
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