UCSB GE Freshman Seminar, Winter 2003
The Nazi Holocaust in History, Literature and Film

Prof. Marcuse

E-mail about the prospectus assignment

sent Sunday, February 16, 2003

Sorry I ran out of time last Thursday, so that I didn't tell you more about the prospectus that's due Tuesday. I understand that it's a long weekend, and that you may not have much time to put it together, but I would like you to submit something, so that I can give you feedback on Thursday, and we don't get behind.

If you really can't get it done by class on Tuesday, you may have until the film showing Wed. evening (5-7pm). However, if EVERYONE submits the prospectus then, I won't be able to look through them all by Thursday morning.

I'll send it as a separate message, in 3 forms: in the body of the message, and attached as a word .doc and as a .pdf. I'll also upload it to the website, so you should be able to access a copy one way or another.

Again, my apologies for the lateness.

Prof. Marcuse