Was the Dachau gas chamber built after 1945?

most certainly not--but it was never used for mass gassings

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  • See my book Legacies of Dachau, esp. pages 45f (about the construction; footnotes discuss the purported "myth"), ills. 16-18 (1945-53 exhibitions in the gas chamber-crematorium building), 170-176 (about the exhibitions and their removal in 1953), 253f (description of the 1960 exhbition). The entire text of the book is searchable by keyword on Amazon's Legacies of Dachau page.
  • The most detailed scholarly discussion is: Falk Pingel, "'Barrack X' in Dachau: A Special Case," in Eugen Kogon et al (eds.), Nazi Mass Murder: A Documentary History of the Use of Poison Gas (New Haven: Yale, 1994)[German: S. Fischer, 1983].

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