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In 1999 I set up a lycos-htmlgear guestbook.
In 2006 I began receiving so many spam entries that I shut it down.
The actual entries to that date are archived here.

1999 Entries (back to top)

  1. Sunday 05/02/1999 7:57:04pm
    Name: John Perkins
    Referred By: From a Web Ring
    Location: Australia
    Comments: Interested in your research
  2. Tuesday 07/20/1999 2:01:56pm
    Name: David T. Murphy
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Location: Anderson, Indiana, USA
    Comments: I just surfed on, and love this site. Very informative. I was looking for currency conversions for German currency in the 1870s. I'm finishing a book on German polar exploration, and I needed the info for a section on financing. Best wishes.
  3. Friday 10/15/1999 7:12:37am
    Name: Aya Hosobuchi
    Referred By: Yahoo!
    Location: California, but living in Japan. UCSB alumni and your former student in History 4C
    Comments: I never had a chance to thank you for your History 4 C class, which I took when I was a junior at UCSB.
    One important message that you encouraged was to have your students study abroad and travel.
    This is an important lesson that I've learned and now I'm doing. Thank you.

2000 Entries (back to top)

  1. Friday 03/03/2000 5:06:04am
    Name: viktoriya
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Location: sydney, australia
    Comments: Hi :-) I came across this page when I was looking for some information about German History. I found that I was
    fascinated with site and the various links that it had. I loved reading about your family, your Grandfather sounded pretty amazing.. Congratualtions on such an informative site...I wish I had more professors such as yourself when I was at Uni here in Sydney!
  2. Friday 04/21/2000 1:50:00pm
    Name: Irene Silver
    Homepage URL:
    Referred By: From a Friend
    Location: venus
    Comments: Hey Har -- Just wanted to say hi! and who is this Max Marcuse dude and why have I never heard of him before? Your father is also here, and realized he could use your web page to find out what you're up to -- a word to the wise! Great web page; now we're off to visit Aaron's! Irene
  3. Tuesday 07/18/2000 6:26:34pm
    Name: Seymour C. Marcuse OD
    Referred By: From a Friend
    Location: Vallejo, California
    Comments: Dr. Ed Marcuse referred me to the Marcuse Homepage. thought I'd just follow up to see how the other Marcuses were getting along.
  4. Tuesday 07/25/2000 10:52:35pm
    Name: Richard Zach
    Homepage Title: h2so4
    Homepage URL:
    Referred By: Net Search
    Location: SF, CA
    Comments: I edit the philosophy category at the ODP and wanted to update a link from the Marcuse category
  5. Saturday 07/29/2000 3:12:43pm
    Name: paul jaskot
    Homepage URL:
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Location: depaul university, chicago
    Comments: dear prof. marcuse,
    hello! i have seen several of your talks at GSA and know some of your publications and am very interested in your work. i was hoping that your book might be out by this fall as i teach an art and the holocaust class for which i think it would be very useful.
    if you have a moment, could you send an e-mail telling me of your expected publication date?
    thanks, and again great work!
    paul jaskot, assistant professor of art history
    depaul university, chicago
  6. Thursday 09/07/2000 0:30:14am
    Name: Steven N Marcuse
    Referred By: Just Surfed On In
    Location: Fort Worth Texas
    Comments: Several Marcuse family members from this area: Rudolph Joseph III and IV Ft. Worth
    Rudolph Joseph Jr. and Barbara currently live in Old Mexico. Katrina Marcuse, Weatherford TX. and Roseanna Marcuse Almaee now living in Albany GA. , Martin Marcuse, Arlington TX
    and Larissa Marcuse Weatherford Tx.
    It is so nice to see the family name in other places. Having grown up here in the 50's & 60's with no other Marcuse's around I thought we were the only ones. It wasn't untill I grew up that I discovered my name in other places around the world and found that I have "ROOTS " too.

2001 Entries (back to top)

  1. Friday 04/20/2001 10:55:51pm
    Name: Dolores Robin Ribakoff
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Comments: My grandmother was from Wisnovchik, which is outside Ternopol, close to Podgajcy and Bucac. Do you know what happened to this shtetl? Do you know anything at all about it prior to World War II? Thanks for the help.
    Dolores Robin Ribakoff
  2. Tuesday 05/01/2001 1:26:09pm
    Name: Mark Elliott
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Comments: Great page, Harold! I'm going to work mine up into something presentable once I get back. Hope you will be willing to give me some tips. Mark
  3. Saturday 07/07/2001 8:35:54pm
    Name: Brett Joly
    Referred By: Just Surfed In
    Comments: I happen to be a UCSB student.
    Your page is excellent. Congratulations on your successes.
  4. Friday 10/26/2001 6:54:33am
    Name: Norbert Reck
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Location: Munich, Germany
    Comments: Hi Harold,
    I started reading your wonderful book these days. Congratualtions! I'm fascinated.
    Cordially, Norbert
  5. Thursday 11/08/2001 2:25:16pm
    Name: Daniel Ferrer
    Homepage Title: Daniel Fidel Ferrer
    Homepage URL:
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Location: Central Michigan University Libraries
    Comments: Have you seen the following article:
    Heidegger's Politics: An Interview by Herbert Marcuse and Frederick  Olafson? May 1974
  6. Tuesday 11/27/2001 12:26:31am
    Name: Jason Dawsey
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Location: Mississippi
    Comments: Professor Marcuse, your website has been very helpful to me in doing research on Gunther Anders and your grandfather.

2002 Entries (back to top)

  1. Sunday 06/16/2002 9:57:17am
    Name: Gregor Brand
    Homepage Title: Gregor Brand - Schriftsteller
    Homepage URL:
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Location: Germany
    Comments: Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Marcuse: Ich habe mich gefreut, Ihre interessante Homepage zu entdecken. Auf meiner Homepage können Sie, wenn Sie dem genealogischen Link folgen, ein Foto von Günther Anders und seinem Vater William Stern entdecken. Sie sind mit mir - und vielleicht auch mit Ihnen - durch die gemeinsame Abstammung von R. Judah Loew aus Prag verwandt. Ich finde Leben und Werk von W. Stern und G. Anders sehr beachtenswert - genauso wie z. B. das Ihres berühmten Großvaters. Viele Grüße aus Deutschland von
    Gregor Brand.
    [I was never able to find this picture.-hm]
  2. Sunday 11/10/2002 7:58:25pm
    Name: jacques delvoye
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Comments: I was a research assistant for your grand father at UC San Diego in 1970.
    I now live in LA am in business, but often dream about a life in Academia.
    Thanks for the information made available on the net.

2003 Entries (back to top)

  1. Friday 01/03/2003 1:43:01am
    Name: petro shevchuk
    Referred By: Web Ring
    Location: UK
    Comments: Thanks for the informative stuff on Pastor Niemoller. I have quoted your site as confirmation to validate the correct quotation, as it is so often misquoted
  2. Friday 01/03/2003 6:23:30pm
    Name: Betsy
    Comments: [private message]
    I'm home alone this evening while xxxx and his friends went to a movie. Thought I'd look at your web page. ...
  3. Friday 07/18/2003 8:35:20am
    Name: Gordana JOVANOVIC
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Location: University of Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslav
    Comments: Ich war an der Tagung in Berlin, am 17. Juli 2003 und wollte nur meine Zuneigung aussprechen.
  4. Wednesday 08/20/2003 8:11:07pm
    Name: Renny Cusing
    Homepage Title: Murder Victims Families for Reconciliati
    Homepage URL:
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Location: New Hampshire
    Comments: Thank you for Seabrook 77.
    Greetings from an old clam from the Granite State
    Renny Cushing

2004 Entries (back to top)

  1. Thursday 09/02/2004 6:29:44pm
    Name: frank landfield
    Homepage URL:
    Referred By: Friend
    Location: palm springs, california
    Comments: thank you SO VERY MUCH for keeping history alive, and reminding people that we must never forget!
    la shana tova.
  2. Tuesday 09/21/2004 12:23:28am
    Name: Cornelius Holtorf
    Homepage URL:
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Location: Stockholm
    Comments: Hi!
    thanks for recommending my work on your comprehensive Reception History webpage. Unfortunately the URL of my e-monograph published in Toronto had to be changed. The page is now at
    all best!
    [link updated 9/22/04]
  3. Thursday 10/14/2004 7:12:21pm
    Name: Ian Marcuse
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Comments: looking for some more marcuses... didn't know there were that many. id like to learn more about that guy
  4. Saturday 10/16/2004 1:39:49am
    Name: Maria Tereza Viana
    Referred By: Just Surfed In
    Location: Philippines
    Comments: Hi! I found your wondeful website. I was browsing regarding my assignment about emerging technologies in social sciences -History. It's about Technology use in History Education. Your site is very informative. Thanks. I've bookmarked it so I can read through again later. One thing that captured me is your nice smile which somehow invited me to go on. Nice idea. I'll be posting my picture with the nicest smile on my website too. Cheers!

2005 Entries (back to top)

  1. Friday 02/25/2005 10:19:41am
    Name: Jana Baumann
    Referred By: Friend
    Location: Bournemouth, UK/Nuremberg, Germany
    Comments: Dear Mr Marcuse,
    I'm currently writing my dissertation about the Dachau Memorial site (and the Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg) for my studies in Int. Tourism Management and both your book and your website are really helpful. Thank you very much for creating such an informative (and accessible) website!
    Best wishes from the UK (at the moment),
    Jana Baumann
  2. Thursday 05/26/2005 3:13:54pm
    Name: Jan Lisa Huttner
    Homepage URL:
    Referred By: Search Engine
    Location: Chicago, Illinois
    Comments: Tracking links to my work in google & saw you had picked up my interview with Pamela Katz (ROSENSTRASSE screenwriter). Thanks much! This film was poorly understood in the USA, & deserved much more respect than it received from mainstream critics. JLH: film critic for the WORLD JEWISH DIGEST, etc.

2006 Entries (back to top)

  1. Friday 02/17/2006 4:21:00pm
    Name: Dr Robin Pearson
    Location: UK
    Comments: I spent time at Karl Marx university Leipzig during the DDR.
    Write me to talk about happy times with FDJ in DDR
    Your friend Robin

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