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Roth as a student in Berlin
as a student in Berlin

Leonhard Roth:
Kämpfer für historische Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit

by Franz Pawelka

in: informationen des Studienkreises deutscher Widerstand
32:66(Nov. 2007), 20-24.

uploaded Jan. 24, 2008, updated

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  • The archive of the Studienkreis in Frankfurt contains a comprehensive dossier of documents about Roth.
  • Pawelka is a member of the history workshop For Example Dachau (Zum Beispiel Dachau), and has presented about the Roth trial.

Pawelka on Roth, p. 20

Pawelka on Roth, p. 21

Pawelka on Roth, p. 22

Pawelka on Roth, p. 23

Pawelka on Roth, p. 24

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