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19th Century Germany, Nov. 17, 2006

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Lecture 20:
German Colonies
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  • Monday: Wilhelmine culture lecture & Heinrich Mann discussion (Q8)
  • Wednesday: how many WILL attend class? Web option papers due, or ....
  • How many web option, how many oral presentation?
  • Week after Thanksgiving (Nov. 27, 29, Dec. 1): Guest lectures
  • Mon., Dec. 4: more web option papers; Q9; student presentations/scheduling

Book Essays

  • General corrections
  • quotations longer than 3 lines: indent and single space
  • do NOT use "the reader," "the conservative," "the Jews led the state to modernity"-> plural
  • "appears," "seems" means that it is NOT so: make definite statements if you can
  • match pronouns; countries are "it" (Austria was …, its agenda was…)
  • populace vs. populous vs. population
  • Tense: voice of a scholar or book in PRESENT tense; historical narrative in past tense
  • titles of books in italics, title and subheadings in bold (try to avoid using underline--web option)
  • CLAS: Campus Learning Assistance Services

Guiding Question

  • What role did (African) colonies play in Germany's history?


  • 1884, March: German Colonial Society founded
  • 1884, April: Bremen businessman Adolf Lüderitz's properties in SW Africa under Reich protection
  • 1884, Juli: Togo and Cameroon under Reich protection
  • 1884, November: 14 countries meet in Berlin, divide up continent of Africa
  • 1885, Feb: Carl Peters' "purchases" in east Africa under Reich protection
  • 1887-1906: 1,000,000 Germans emigrate to the US
    1883-1914: 23,000 Germans emigrate to Africa
  • 1891: Pan-German League founded in reaction to July 1890 Zanzibar-Helgoland treaty
  • 1904: Uprising of Herero and Hottentots put down by extermination
    12,000/80,000=15% Herero survived; 10,000/20,000 of Hotentots

Carl Peters (1856-1918)

  • history Ph.D., 1880-83 in England, co-founder of Colonial society in 1884
  • 1887: director of the German-Africa Society
  • 1889-90: search for Emin Pascha

Kaiser Wilhelm II at Reichstag opening, Nov. 1905:

  • "Our African protectorates in sw Africa and east Africa have been gravely affected by uprisings that cost the fatherland many financial and blood sacrifices. I know the Volk stands behind me in thanking the officers and troops who followed my call and protected these properties with heroic courage until death. These great sacrifices were not in vain. The last reports about the subjugation of the Witboi give us the hope that peace and order will soon be restored in these sorely tested protectorates. Now we need to make these newly pacified regions productive again. The military security and economic development of our protectorates depends on the construction of good infrastructure, for which you will soon receive bills. The draft Reich budget will make the colonial department of the foreign office into its own independent office, which will make the large workload for our colonies easier to administer.

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