Links for History 133c: "Germany since 1945"

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German and US news (English)
GERMNEWS daily e-mail summary in German or English (translation takes a day or two).
Berlin Morgenpost English edition.
Deutsche Welle Radio news in English, with review of German newspaper commentaries
Frankfurter Rundschau with a selection of recent articles in English.
German Information Center, New York has short summary papers on various topics of interest. (Course Reader #15 is one of these.) You can also subscribe to an electronic version of their weekly news summary by sending the text
sub gic-e firstname lastname
to (of course put in your own name!)
BBC European News (search screen at bottom)
CNN, Europe page (look for articles on Germany)
LA Times
New York Times
Washington Post searchable archive since 1987 (citations free)
Links to news sources on Sudan from New Sudan Online
Other sources of news about the Sudan from The Free South (click on "The News" in title bar)

Web Browsing in Germany
taz, die tageszeitung alternative left-wing daily, with 28-day archive (in German).
Yahoo's Germany page, with history links subpage.
20th C. German History Links (Univ. of Heidelberg Virtual library site).
Excite's Guide to German Links (mostly in German) with special Sept. 98 election coverage.

German History Resources
Berlin and the Two Germanies, 1945-1989 and German Unification: Five Years After, 1989-1994 (two illustrated lectures by Professor Hofmann at Santa Rosa Junior College, who was in Germany in 1989-90 and 1994)
German Historical Museum, Berlin (good collections of GDR posters and photographs).
House of the History of Germany since 1945, Bonn (English version). It has an interesting on-line exhibition of political caricatures about the division of Germany, from 1949-present. Use the navigation bar across the top to pull up the cartoons for each decade. (In German, but still fun.)
City of Berlin homepage, with text of JFK's 1963 speech.
Berlin Wall photo-essay (with links), by two Connecticut 8th-graders
East German Propaganda Archive very extensive, with English translations (Calvin College)
German Information Center, New York
Geocities Germany page
German Government Site (in English).
Bundestag (West German Parliament, in German)
German history sources collected by Richard Weikart, Cal State Stanislaus (post-45 near bottom, with links)
Official "stolen gold" site.
H-German, part of H-Net e-mail discussion lists for historians.
Immigration. Online publication by AICGS

History articles in today's German newspapers (in German)

Look up
Encyclopedia Brittanica keyword search (UCSB users only)
Germ-Eng/Eng-Germ Dictionary (170,000+ terms, from LEO)
Students' translation dictionary (120,000 terms, with phrases and closest match)
German newspapers and -magazines (in German)
taz, die tageszeitung alternative left-wing daily, with 28-day archive.
Sueddeutsche Zeitung Munich daily, with free searchable 30-day archive
Die Zeit intellectual weekly, with searchable archive
Der Spiegel German equivalent to Time or Newsweek
Der Stern racier illustrated newsweekly
Focus the upstart newsweekly, tries harder

Other German songs (from Laura's midi heaven)