Hist 133D: Materials about "Europa, Europa"

postscript to Salomon Perel's book "Europa, Europa"
Tells how the author came to write this book after being invited back to his hometown Peine in 1985.

2nd postscript about trolley driver
Perel tells how he met the driver of the streetcar through the Lodz ghetto many years later at a get-together of survivors of the Lodz ghetto in Israel

A note about what really happened to Solly at the end of the war
The final scene of the film condenses several events into the dramatic scene of Perel meeting his brother Isaac in a concentration camp.

Photographs of the actual people and events in the film Europa, Europa

Solly Perel, after his capture in 1941, sitting on a German halftrack
(Perel is alone on the front fender.) Picture taken by Ehrenfried Weidemann

Third from left is Sally, serving as interpreter between Captain von Muenchow and Soviet officers
Although Perel was indeed present at the arrest of Stalin's son, it is not certain that this photograph depicts that event.

Sally Perel (front-center) with some German "friends" at the Hitler Youth school in Brunswick
(Photo courtesy of Ehrenfried Weidemann)

Perel (center) at a meeting with some fellow students from the Hitler Youth school.
On the left is Karl Reiter, the boys' leader (who Perel looked up in Nov. 1985)

Portrait of Leni (Jupp's Nazi girlfriend in the Hitler Youth School in Brunswick)

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