UCSB Hist 133D Prof. Marcuse
The Holocaust in German History Oct. 7, 1999

Lecture 3: German History, 1806/1848/1871/1918-1933

  1. Preliminary
  1. Explanations for the Holocaust
    1. Hitler and the Nazi Elite (see textbook, p. 163f)
      a) Intentionalism: Hitler's preformed plan, especially Jews, everywhere
      b) Structuralism: nature of power structure; opportunists around weak leader
      c) Functionalism: evolving solutions; "twisted road;" Jews among others
    2. The German people: national character ("blood"?) vs. cultural traditions
      Christopher Browning
      ("Ordinary Men") vs. Daniel Goldhagen ("Hitler's Willing Executioners")
    3. The Jews: character/behavior fosters antisemitism
  2. Where did the Nazi/German character/mindset come from?
  3. Film clip (14 mins): US Army Signal Corps, "Here is Germany" (1945)
  4. Historical Overview (1806-1914)