Anne Frank with her mother and Margot in Frankfurt, Germany, January 1933

UCSB Hist 33d, L11:
Anne Frank, the best-known Victim of the Holocaust
lectures on Nov. 1 & 3, 2005

by Professor Harold Marcuse (homepage)
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1. Theories of Morality
2. Anne Frank:
Person vs. Symbol
3. Contextualizing the Franks' journey
4. Diary

Introduction (back to top)

  • Classes this week were based on the five essays in the reader (contents, nos. 11-15):
    • exerpts from the published diary ("version c"), Oct. 3 - Dec. 10, 1942
    • selection from the "Critical edition" (versions a, b, c), Oct. 3 - Oct. 15/20, 1942
    • selection from the 1998 biography by Melissa Müller thumbnail of video Anne Frank: The Whole Story(pp. 198-224)
      • we also viewed the complete 3-hour ABC video biography based on Müller's book, "Anne Frank: The Whole Story" (2001)
    • essay by Alvin Rosenfeld, "The Anne Frank We Remember" (1989)
    • article by Kristallnacht-survivor Bruno Bettelheim about the Franks' lack of "resistance" (1960) and letter
  • The theme of the lectures was the connection between individual actions and collective effects, and the inverse: the individual consequences of collective actions.
  • The lectures had 5 parts:
    1. Theories of individual morality and how the moral behaviors of social groups aggregates to produce certain outcomes (Kohlberg/Habermas, and my own "see-saw model")
    2. Anne Frank the person vs. Anne Frank the abstract, representative symbol
    3. Contextualizing Anne Frank's story (the groups odyssey through Europe, 1934-1945)
    4. Examination of the various versions of the diary and how they differ
    5. Discussion of readings and specific questions (like: who betrayed the Franks and their friends?).

1.Theories of Morality and Social moral behavior (back to top)

Habermas: stages of Moral consciousness, p. 1 Habermas: stages of Moral consciousness, p. 2
Habermas after Kohlberg

2. Anne Frank: Person vs. Abstract Symbol (back to top)

3. Contextualizing the Franks' Odyssey (back to top)map of the Frank group's odyssey

4. Versions of the Diary (back to top)

Discussion (back to top)


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