Hist 33D, L 3: Adolf Hitler, 1889-1925
by Prof. H. Marcuse (homepage), UCSB, Sept. 30, 2003

Note 10/3/05: this outline has been superceded by my 2005 Hitler lecture page.

Overarching question: How does history appear differently looking backward from afterwards, than it did looking forward from beforehand? (example: Leni Riefenstahl in the early 1930s)
Longer term question: What role do "great men" play in shaping the course of history?

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945)

Family Tree (after Ian Kershaw, Hubris, w/ Prof's notes)

Hitler family tree (Kershaw)

Hitler's 4th grade class in 1899
4th grade class in Leonding, 1899 (top center)

Hitler with WWI buddies and dog Foxl in 1915

Hitler in Crowd, Aug 2, 1914
Munich, August 2, 1914
declaration of war is announced, crowd cheers

ca. 1917: w/ Schmiedl

After the Great War

Beginning of "Weimar Rep."

Weimar Republic

How Hitler fits in

Films tonight

prepared for web by H. Marcuse, Sept. 30, 2003
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