Hist 33D, L 19: "Interdisciplinary Perspectives" (Concluding Lecture)
by Prof. H. Marcuse, UCSB, Dec. 2, 2003

[short version of Anne Frank lecture]
What did we learn in this course?

3 Basic Versions of Anne’s Diary

Schematic diagram of versions of Anne Frank's diary AF diary flowchart
Schematic diagram of 3 basic versions of Anne Frank's diary
(from German translation of Critical Edition)
Flow chart showing the relationship between the various early publications of Anne Frank's diary

More versions, more audiences

Anne Frank, mom and sister, 1933Anne Frank: Person vs. Symbol

Anne (age 4), with mother Edith, and older sister Margot Frank, in Frankfurt am Main (Germany--Anne's birthplace), January 1933

Contextualizing Anne Frank's Story (1929-1945)

map of Anne Frank's odyssey

Course Evaluations

History (central points of this course!)


A model of historical causes


Roundup of (individual) Motivations

Psychology -> Sociology

Professor's see-saw model of social dynamics: how does it apply?

Groups (Sociology)

Discussion of Final Projects: Getting them on the web

pass out project update handout and explain

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