Reviews of Books and Web Sites about Anne Frank
by Shannon and Mara

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            We are two history minors at the University of California, Santa Barbara who have spent the past 10 weeks studying different perspectives of the holocaust.  For a final project, we compiled this web page that consists of our thoughts and interpretations of various books and websites about the life of Anne Frank.  This site, created in fall of 2003, contains valuable information about Anne's life, but mostly focuses on four books and four websites that we found particularly insightful.  In addition to providing summaries and critiques of these books and websites, we explore how Anne's life has vastly impacted the perceptions people form as they learn about the tragic events of the holocaust.

Books and websites we reviewed and provide links to:

Enzer, Hyman and Sandra.  Anne Frank: Reflections on her Life and Legacy. (Chicago, Illinois. University of Illinois Press, January 2000). (link)

Frank, Anne.  Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl. (Bantam Books, July 1993). (link)

Gies, Miep.  Anne Frank Remembered. (New York, NY.  Simon & Schuster, April 1998). (link)

Lindwer, Willy.  The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank.  (New York, NY: Anchor Books, August 1992) (link) (our review) (our review)  (our review) (our review)

Anne Frank

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. -Anne Frank

Anne Frank is one of the best-known icons who emerged from the holocaust.  She was a young Jewish girl living in Holland when her family was forced into hiding in order to avoid the persecution of Hitler and the Nazis.  While she was in hiding with seven other people, Anne kept a personal diary of her thoughts, emotions, fears and dreams.  Her writings provide a detailed account of many of the horrors that the Nazi party inflicted upon the Jewish population in Holland, while also telling the story of a lonely, frightened young girl. 

Her life has had a profound impact on the way in which people learn about and view the tragic events of the holocaust.  In the pursuit of knowledge about the awful events that took place, people all over the world can relate to Anne's story and feel emotionally connected to her experience.  When learning about the holocaust, most people find that they can relate to Anne's innocence and apply that knowledge to the historic events that they learn about.  This enables them to gain a better understanding of what actually happened.  Through the examination of various books and websites, it is apparent that Anne's life has had a monumental influence on how people perceive Hitler's regime and the atrocities they committed.

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