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2005 Projects

Jewish Survival

  Roseman: Past in Hiding
  Peter Wyden: Stella
  Rigg: Jewish Soldiers
  Victor Klemperer: diary
  Perel: Europa, Europa

Christian Resistance
(Le Chambon, Zegota,
Bishop von Galen, Pope Pius XII)

Resistance by Women:
(Using gender roles, Ghettos and camps, Women in Germany)

Ron Rosenbaum on Hitler

Sterilization Experiments;

Children of Nazis
(Niklas Frank, Gudrun Himmler)
Survivors and PTSD

Other Genocides:
Cambodia, Uganda
(history, media, film)
comparing US Presidents to Hitler:
Internet, New York Times

In 2003 I began publishing student papers on the internet for several reasons:

  • I've always found it a shame that good student research is usually only read by the professor, and often not even picked up by the author again;
  • students will be more motivated to do good work and learn from the professor's comments if they are preparing their papers for publication;
  • as a way of teaching about the advantages and limitations of the web as a source of information (what can one find in books but not on the web;
  • to augment the information available on the web
    • by adding research from non-internet sources and internet databases not indexed by web search engines
    • by adding annotated links to the best resources already available on the web, thus raising them in search engine rankings.

As time goes by I am refining this concept by:
- publishing only the best student projects (not all of them),
- spending more time on the editing and formatting processes (earlier due dates, more drafts), and
- refining the assignment guidelines to yield the best results for the above goals.

For more information, see my thesis paper "The Internet as a Venue for Scholarly Interaction with the Public."

2003 Projects
The 1920s
The Versailles Treaty
Economy after WWI
Hitler's Rise to Power
Vichy France and the Holocaust
Jews in France
The Shield
The Final Solution
The US and the Holocaust
Foreign Policy
Holocaust Denial
Auschwitz Camp
Rudolf Höss
Living Conditions
Forced Labor

Medical Experiments
Euthanasia Institutions
Preparation 3582/Periston
Dr. Josef Mengele
The Tuskegee Syphilis Study
Euthanasia Nurses

Holocaust Survivors
The Burden of Survival
Mel Mermelstein
Ralph Hokman

Anne Frank:
reviews of books and web sites

Women and Nazism
relatives of perpetrators,
concentration camp guards

Protocols of the
Learned Elders of Zion

Homosexuals under Nazism
This project contains reviews
of 4 books about Homosexuals
under Nazism
Nuremberg Trials
Crimes, Trials,
Judgement, Goering
The 1978 Skokie, Illinois
neo-Nazi rally

The 2000 David Irving Trial

Goldhagen (1995): Battalion 101

2002 student Joanna Katz' paper about Holocaust films for her Writing 50 course

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