The Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals

Our web page was designed in Fall 2003 for a class project while attending the University California Santa Barbara.  The class focuses on the interdisciplinary perspectives of the Holocaust.  We were assigned to research a topic that was of interest to us. This included reading books, looking at other webpages and then finally designing our own. (link to authors' page)

Our Group

Many lesser-know minorities were persecuted by the Nazis in the years between 1933 and 1945.  Our group chose to focus on homosexuals.  This group was treated as badly as the Jews, but also received persecution in the concentration camps from other captives as well.  Throughout this web site we will prove that during this terrible period many homosexuals not only suffered but also died during the Holocaust.

History 33D

Basic introduction to the history of the Nazi Holocaust.  The examination of approaches taken by other disciplines, such as socialogy, psychology, and literary studies, is designed to help students understand how history relates to other disciplines.

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