David Irving Case

Holocaust on Trial

1  "Interior, Krematorium II at Birkenau, blown up by the Nazis in January 1945, just before they evacuated the camp."  - Taken 1980 by Alan Jakobs

This site is a student research project done in November and December of 2003 for the Interperspectives on the Holocaust class at the University of California at Santa Barbara.  We wish to delve into various topics dealing with Holocaust denial, using the David Irving Trial of January to April 2000 as a case study.  Using two books written about this trial, we will attempt to answer the following questions: Was David Irving actually denying the Holocaust in his career and writings, as Lipstadt had suggested?  How does this connect to the larger Holocaust denial scene?

Juan Higuera discusses the background of the trial and of David Irving himself.  To discuss the verdict and the larger impact, Joanna Funke uses D.D. Guttenplan's Holocaust on Trial, and Jessica Sonquist examines Richard J. Evans' Lying About Hitler.

Key Players:

Deborah Lipstadt (source)
David Irving (source)