Medicine and the Holocaust


My name is Andrew Vialpando and began this project with the intent to bring forth accurate information about the concentration camps that participated in the Nazi medical experiments of the Holocaust. The information provided is only the tip of the iceberg and I encourage anyone who views this page to visit other sources to get a much better grasp on the horrific atrocity the Nazis performed during the Holocaust. Euthanasia institutions


My name is Joseph Chapel.  I am a second year history major.  I am originally from Moorpark, Ca and decided to focus on the experimental medicine because I had never studied it before and thought it could be interesting.  My main interests in history are German history, Russian history, and the Cold War era. Medical experimentation


My name is David Lachman, and I am a sophomore in the College of Letters and Sciences. My major is officialy pre-biology, even though I am planning to switch to the College of Creative Studies for a Literature emphasis. I am originally from Los Angeles, and enjoy reading and playing the piano in my spare time. The research process for the final project was extremelty rewarding, since I had always wondered exactly who Dr. Mengele was. It almost felt like I was a war crimes detective hunting him down as I learned more and more demented details about him. I would have to say that he is on of the most chilling and macabre criminals against humanity. The image of his mysterious and almost demonic smile will surely haunt me for a long time. Dr. Josef Mengele


My name is Brianne Rosenthal, and I am a senior majoring in history.  My focus in this website is the Tuskegee Syphilis Study of 1932-1972.  I chose this topic because I did not know that this study existed, and it is quite interesting to learn that the American government supported this race-based study that so closely resembles the immorality of the Nazi doctors and their experiments during the Holocaust.