4C/Marcuse, L9 overlay (May 2, 2000)


Music: Edwin Elgar (1857-1934), marches (Pomp & Circ.)

Why did the European powers want colonies?

  1. Terms and definitions
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  3. The Case of China
  4. King Leopold II of Belgium (p. 858)

Kipling, 1898 conquest of Sudan
British promise to build a university:
(see also "White Man's Burden," 1899)

The do not consider the Meaning of Things;
They consult nor creed nor clan.
Behold, they clap the slave on the back,
And behold he ariseth a man!
They terribly carpet the earth with dead,
And before their cannon cool,
They walk unarmed by twos and threes
To call the living to school.

  1. Scramble for Africa