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"Western Civilization, 1715-Present"

taught by Professor Marcuse in Buchanan 1910, T-Th 9:30-10:45
mail to: marcuse@history.ucsb.edu
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See also the interactive course homepage at www.metacollege.com. You can register with code xxxxxx. After that, you can log in from this screen.
Note 6/14/00: about 140 students of 220 total ultimately registered for this site. Of most use was the bulletin board; I don't think anyone used the chatroom. All documents available on that site are also available on this one-except postings to the bulletin board.


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Explore some of these on-line courses to see some of the different emphases set by other professors.

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Course Goals (back to top)

By reading the assignments, attending the lectures, participating in section discussion and doing the written work, you should:

  1. gain an understanding of the nature and relevance of historical study in general;
  2. better appreciate the historical forces and events that have shaped the modern (western) world (since ca. 1700);
  3. better appreciate the diversity of modern nations and peoples and the ways they act on each other in time and space;
  4. improve your ability to understand and interpret (draw reasoned conclusions about) historical source materials (including texts, images and music);
  5. improve your ability to write a short paper with research, analysis, interpretation and argumentation.

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Please note that we grade YOUR WORK, not you.
If you feel that the grade you received on an assignment, exam or paper does not correspond to the quality of work that you submitted, you must first meet with your TA.

No grading reassessments will be done before 24 hours have elapsed since the work was returned, nor after two weeks after the work was returned.
If you are within that window, you can either:

Finally, be sure to put some contact address on your explanation sheet, so that I can be in touch with you.
Best, Prof. Marcuse

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author: H. Marcuse