Hist 4c/Marcuse: not handed out! (this only for your information and "historical literacy")


Estates General (3 Orders: Clergy, 300 reps.; Nobility, 300 reps.; "Third Estate," 600 reps.)

May 5, 1789: After bad harvests and costly wars, King Louis XVI is forced to convene this ancient assembly in order to raise taxes.
During the election process, voters traditionally draft petitions of grievance (cahiers de doléances)(p.678)
National Assembly (1789-1791)(3rd Estate declares itself the "Assembly of the Nation," June 17, 1789)
June 29, 1789: Tennis Court Oath. Nat. Ass. resolves not to disband until it has written a constitution.
July 14, 1789: Bastille stormed and taken by a Paris mob. (p. 680)
July 19-Aug. 3, 1789: Great Fear. Peasants attack noble manors. (p. 681f)
Aug. 4, 1789: Nobles in National Assembly renounce feudal rights; Jacobin Club formed. (p. 682f)
Aug. 27, 1789: Assembly issues Declaration of the Rights of Man. (pp. 682, 684)
Oct. 5-6, 1789: King Louis brought from Versailles to Tuileries palace in Paris. (p. 683)
July 12, 1790: Assembly issues Civil Constitution of the Clergy, requiring elections and oaths. (683)
June 20-21, 1791: King flees to Austria, is caught at Varennes.
Aug. 27, 1791: Austria and Prussia call for support of French King ("Declaration of Pillnitz")(686).
Sept. 1791: National Assembly issues Constitution; elections are held.
Legislative Assembly (October 1791-August 1792)(Constitutional Government by elected officials)
Apr. 20, 1792: France declares war on Austria and Prussia. (p. 686)
Aug. 10, 1792: Paris mob storms royal palace; Commune siezes Assembly; Legislative Assembly falls. Minister of Justice Danton purges thousands of presumed traitors.
Sept. 20, 1792: French army stops Prussians and Austrians at Valmy (Belgium).
National Convention (Sept. 1792-1795)(elected by universal male suffrage to rewrite constitution)
Sept. 21, 1792: Convention abolishes monarchy and declares France a republic.(p. 687)
Oct. 1792: Revolutionary calendar introduced; Sept. 22, 1792=day 1. (p. 692f)
Jan. 21, 1793: Convention condemns and executes the King. (p. 687)
Feb. 1793: Convention declares war on 1st Coalition of Austria, Prussia, Britain, Holland and Spain.
Feb. 1793: Counter-revolutionary revolt in the Vendee begins. (p. 687)
March 1793: "Reign of Terror" by Committee of Public Safety (Robespierre) begins. (p. 688).
Aug. 23, 1793: Levy-in-Mass (military draft) instituted.
Fall 1793: price controls, dechristianization, administrative reform (p. 690)
Apr. 4, 1794: Danton executed.
June 26, 1794: French victory over Austrians at Fleurus (Belgium).
July 28, 1794: "Thermidor:" Robespierre executed, end of terror. (p. 691)
Feb. 21, 1795: Churches reopened. (p. 694)
Aug. 22, 1795: New constitution is adopted, forming the Directory. (p. 694)
Directory (1795-1799)(New constitution has 2 houses: Council of Ancients and Council of 500)
Oct. 5, 1795: Napoleon's "Whiff of Grapeshot" save the Directory from a royalist mob.
Sept. 4, 1797: Coup d'état removes royalists from Directory.
Oct. 17, 1797: French defeat Austrians in northern Italy and make peace. (p. 696)
1798: French capture Switzerland, Rome and Naples; suffer bad defeat in Egypt (Aug. 1).
Spring 1799: 2nd Coalition of Austria, Russia, Turkey and Great Britain drive French Army back.
Nov. 9, 1799: Napoleon's coup d'état abolishes Directory and establishes Consulate.
Consulate (1799-1804)(Constitution of 1800 has executive of 3 consuls)
1801-2: Napoleon makes peace with Austria and Britain, Concordat with the pope. (p. 697)
1803: Renewed war with Britain.
1804: Napoleonic Code promulgated. (p. 698)
Empire (1804-1815)(Napoleon crowns himself emperor)
1805: 3rd Coalition (Austria, Britain and Russia) moves against France. (p. 699)
1805-09: French victories; "republics" set up throughout Europe, Spain resists.
1812: Napoleon suffers major defeat in Russia (40,000 of 611,000 survive). (p. 701)
1814: Austria, Britain, Prussia and Russia defeat France, Napoleon sent to Elba.
Mar. 1815: Napoleon returns to France for "100 days." (p. 701)
June 18, 1815: British and Prussians defeat Napoleon at Waterloo; Louis 18th restored.