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UCSB Int 94il, Spring 2008 (course homepage)
Representing Hitler and Nazism, 1925-present
HSSB 2201, Wed 2:00-2:50

Prof. Marcuse (homepage)
HSSB 4221, 893-2635
Office hours: Tue. & Thu. 2-3

Representing Hitler and Nazism, 1925-present
Freshman Seminar Syllabus

(pdf version for printing)

Introduction and Goals

Freshman seminars give students an opportunity to get acquainted with a professor and the professor's research in a small group setting. I teach German history, and my particular specialty is the different ways people have reacted to and thought about the Nazi Germany since the end of World War II. I look specifically at certain people (like Hitler), places (like Dachau), and events (like Kristallnacht).

My goals for this course are to get to know you and find out what you know about Hitler and Nazi Germany, and where you learned it. I'm also interested in what you find interesting or important about him and why.

As for your goals, I would like to hear about them! Please give it some thought and let me know!


  • purchase & read the course book: Thomas Fuchs, A Concise Biography of Adolf Hitler (Berkley, 1990, 2000) ($6-8 & searchable on amazon)
  • attend class & events, do the assigned readings, and especially: participate in discussion!
  • prepare, in groups, a short written and oral report on a pertinent topic

Weekly Schedule

Apr. 2:



Apr. 9:
Apr. 10:

Timeline, glossary & quirky things about Hitler
Film Conspiracy, with dialog director & Prof. Marcuse

Fuchs, 1-38 (pdf)
7:30pm, Campbell Hall

Apr. 17:

Hitler's Early Life & Sexuality

Fuchs, 39-86

Apr. 23:

Hitler's Personality

Fuchs, 87-123

Apr. 30:

Hitler the Politician

Fuchs, 124-155

May 4/6?

May 7:

film: Hitler: A Career (1978, 2 hrs 30 mins)(imdb page) or:
Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator (1941), 124min.
Comedies about Hitler

Evening film

May 14:

Hitler and His Inner Circle

Fuchs, 156-196

May 21:

Hitler and the Holocaust


May 28:

Student presentations; perhaps guest speaker


June 4:

Student presentations


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