Gewalt: Ja oder Nein?
by Günther Anders (1987)

The scans below are from G. Anders, Gewalt: Ja oder Nein, Eine notwendige Discussion (Munich: Knaur, 1987).
The title translates as "Violence: Yes or No, A Necessary Discussion."
After an introduction and a biographical summary, the first main text is an interview with Manfred Bissinger (who also edited the collection). There follows a number of responses by prominent public figures, then a couple of "more pointed" texts by Anders.
These texts were written when Ronald Reagan was president of the United States, and was pursuing an atomic build-up to force the Soviet Union's hand.

Added July 2017: pdf of entire book (back when I first made this page in 2002 pdfs were hard to make and read on the web).

There are 3 versions of each scan:

Gewalt contents 1Gewalt contents 2Gewalt p. 21

Gewalt p. 22fGewalt p. 24f

cont 1 300dpi; cont 2 300dpi; p. 21 300dpi; p. 22f 300dpi; p. 24f 300dpi; p. 26f 300dpi; 28f 300dpi; 30f 300dpi; 32f.

Gewalt p. 26fGewalt p. 28f
Gewalt p. 30fGewalt p. 32f

Scanned by Harold Marcuse, 23 December 2002
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