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Hamburg-Ohlsdorf: monument for persecutees
"Monument for the Victims of National Socialist Persecution and the Resistance," 1949
in the Hamburg-Ohlsdorf cemetery

"The Commemoration of those Persecuted under National Socialism: The 'Monument to the Victims of National Socialist Persecution and the Resistance Struggle" in Hamburg'"

by Harold Marcuse

Master's Thesis (in German),
University of Hamburg,
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updated 2/9/2011

Added Nov. 2010: a searchable pdf of the entire thesis, 101 pages.

This page contains scans of the table of contents and a few pages that people requested.
The actual German title: "Das Gedenken an die Verfolgten des Nationalsozialismus, exemplarisch analysiert anhand des Hamburger 'Denkmals für die Opfer nationalsozialistischer Verfolgung und des Widerstandskampfes'"

table of contents, 1 table of contents, 2

page 50

page 51

page 81, notes 127-152

page 91: illustrations 2 and 3

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