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UCSB Hist 2c: World History, 1700-pres.

2009 Course Survey

by Prof. Marcuse
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Each time I teach this course, I survey the students on various issues. Some of the questions are demographic (where are you from?), and allow us to see how diverse the students who enroll in this course (as opposed to Western Civ, for instance) are, and how that changes over time. Others have to do with background knowledge and help the professor to design the course with that audience in mind. Finally, there are feedback questions about various aspects of the course. At the end are the free-form text comments, and at the very bottom are links to previous surveys.

Survey Questions 1-4

How valid is the survey?

It is possible to see how representative the survey is by comparing the mix of students who answered it to the proportions actually enrolled in the course according to the class list. We find that the class years correspond closely (in contrast to my 2008 survey, where freshmen were much more likely to have taken it than upper division students). This time, sophomores and juniors were only slightly more likely to have answered the survey than their proportion in the class might indicate.

Also, when asked about how much of the textbook they read, students again responded very similarly to what they had answered to an in-class clicker question (slide on reading habits from L13). Thus this survey was much more representative than the 2008 one (see links to 2008 results at bottom of page).

Survey results powerpoint slide
Survey Questions 5-8
Survey Questions 9-12
survey Questions 13-15

102 Responses to "free form" Question 16 (back to top)

The final, optional question of the survey was:

16. General comments about any aspect of the course (prof., lectures, clickers, exam, section, TA):

It received 102 responses (2 were simply "no comment"). I put a code letter in front of each and sorted them into the following categories. The order after the code is simply alphabetical.In some I highlighted key words.

General (28 comments)

  1. g A ok
  2. g As pertains to question 11: I know we cover a LOT of material really fast and its not possible to cover everything in the textbook in the lecture but sometimes it feels like the lecture is just a much scantier version of what is in the textbook. iClickers are good – maybe I’m just pro-interaction – and the connections that are sometimes made – like the EIEIO cause-effect model – are good and I wish there were more. It’s hard to say what it is about the lecture that makes me feel this way but it’s an 8:00 lecture and it’s EXTREMELY difficult to get up for by definition and sometimes I lay in bed in that five minute interval between my alarm clock goes off and I have to get up and think “why do I need to go to class when I can read the textbook and get all the information there whole getting an extra couple of hours of sleep?” It’s gotta be a warning sign when the only real answer is. “there will be iclicker questions and he’ll know I’m not there.”
  3. g For lecture, I wish the professor to elaborate more and sometimes the details on events he does, he says too quickly. The textbook does not allow enough information to get a full grasp on the events. I was not depending on the professor to tell me everything so I do not have to read. I always do the readings, however there are not enough details for me to really comprehend and analyze the material to be tested on. I am neutral about iclickers but if I were to chose, I would say to take them out especially if it's an 8am course. Posting lectures online are extremely helpful, thank you! My TA, TA V was one of the best TA's I had. S/He is very informative, clear, passionate, sarcastic, and actually a good friend to chat about after section! The only part on section I would like would be a fully engaged discussion (I felt I did most of the talking and was intimated sometimes to talk even more). But that is definitely not TA V's fault, an uncontrollable variable one can say. As a Political Science major with an emphasis in international relations, I was motivated to get the best out of this course because it is essential for my further arguments in my works. Although I enjoyed the class, I wish I could have received more out of it. The extra credit videos never worked with my schedule. Various times and days would help. I enjoyed the course, thank you. Hope to keep in touch. amarkiransingh@ucsb.edu
  4. g For my first college history course it is fairly interesting material and not too difficult. TA W is a good TA that uses thought-provoking activities to help us understand the material. The only thing she could improve upon is time management. The book is decent and gets across alot of information. Prof. Marcuse's EIEIO model is interesting and serves to help students make connections in history. My only issue is that I the type of student that needs to be actively taking notes to focus and when the slides Prof. Marcuse uses get filled with more text than I can reasonably write down, I begin to stop taking organized notes and lose focus. The iclickers help with class interaction, if anything they ought to be used a little bit more.
  5. g Great professor and great TA
  6. g I didnt like the iclickers but probably because mine didn't work so i just stopped using it...the exam was more tricker then i had thought so hopefully I will do better the next time. I liked my TA s/he was very helpful and very understanding when I had problems outside of the classroom and in the class. S/He also was very nice and approachable, I would take a course just because s/he would be my ta again.
  7. g I do not like history.
  8. g I enjoy the course a lot!
  9. g I enjoy the course and the material despite having learned much of it in years of high school history classes. The major disappointment with this course is not the fault of the professor or TAs; it is the fact that most students were not engaged at all and didn't care about the class. In my section I am usually the only one to raise their hand when the TA asks for an opinion about something or an answer to a question (and I often abstain from that out of self-consciousness). I would really have appreciated an honors section for this course, but with the current financial environment at the UC I suppose that is too much to ask for.
  10. g I feel that a 50 minute discussion section is too short for the material that needs to be covered.
  11. g I like Professor Marcuse and the lectures, but I especially enjoyed Professor McGee, so I have to say that his lectures were my favorite. The iClicker hasn't been so great for me this quarter because I keep getting sick, and I'm rather spacey, so I've forgotten to bring it with me several times as well! I thought the midterm was fair, and I hope the final is similar so that I know how to better prepare for it. I absolutely LOVE section - it's my favorite part of the course (aside from the reading, although I didn't particularly enjoy Equiano, I didn't feel like it really added anything to the course, but was just busy work). TA Y is a great TA and really clarifies everything.
  12. g I love world history survey classes.
  13. g I really enjoy this class and the material, its just difficult doing it all at 8 in the morning.
  14. g I think lectures are great, but I would like it to be even more thought provoking, less of the long text ridden slides and more implications of history and tie ins. Clickers have become more interesting to me after they were changed to be opinion slides because it's interesting to see what people are thinking. They're not that helpful because there's no multiple choice questions on the exam, so the encoding method would work better if you posted more open ended questions tying large ideas together (like the essays) more like how you do on the overhead projector. TA sections need to encourage more group participation. Maybe have questions set that need to be answered in sections or mandatory participation to get points. Overall, I think that this class is great. Probably one of my favorites.
  15. g i really like the class because i can feel that my professor as well as TA want to teach us alot, but i can understand that not always school is fun. so overall the class is great that is to what extent i try to make it beneficial, because sometimes students do become lazy and miss reading and class.
  16. g I think that the class is run well, the lectures are engaging, and the clickers are used decently well. I have a couple of ideas for how to maybe improve the course: - Often, Prof. Marcuse will save the most interesting content and modern day implications until the end of the lecture, but we rarely get to it because we spend so much time at the beginning answering questions and doing organizational work. We end up hearing the conclusion the next day, and it doesn't have the same effect. - The iClicker questions tend to be structured around whether or not the class did the reading, in that one will likely get the answer wrong if they have not done the reading. If the questions were more opinionated, then perhaps it would lead to more discussion and debate (although it is hard for anyone to debate at 8am). Otherwise, the class is great.
  17. g I would have liked more world history for each period we discussed, instead of simply focusing on one area of the globe for each period in history. I enjoy learning about the interconnectivity of cultures on a global scale. However, I realize it is unrealistic to attempt to teach the entire history of the globe in one course.
  18. g It is a very broad topic
  19. g It's a good course, only wished we could get more in depth.
  20. g It's a tough class to teach. Unlike History 2A and 2B, History 2C is so overwhelmed with theory, varying interpretations and political correctness because of its continued effects on us today. The other lower division history classes allow some accommodation to the Professor teaching, not much is truly known, plenty of conjecture and no survivors to dispute current theories and ideas. The more contemporary you get, the more is known, but at the same time it becomes clouded and obscured by overly unnecessary and sometimes cumbersome theories and interpretations. It's easy to talk dirt and criticize Roman policies, but talk about American foreign policy in the 50's during Latin America or Che's bungling and absolute stupidity in waging a revolution in Bolivia, feelings get hurt and tempers rise.
  21. g Overall, this course was a disappointment. While the events and the period of history in question are among my favorites, the assignments were pointless and the lectures were uninformative.
  22. g the class is way to early and i feel i dont absorb all the material. But that is not the fault of the course if the class was a different time slot i would enjoy it so much more
  23. g the course seems like a review of what was taught in high school. It covers slavery and revolutions which is all which was covered in world history in high school I would like to see a different time period discussed in history that involves south and central america as well as europe because the enlightenment and slavery are such boring topics which have been strained beyond belief.
  24. g The grading in this course seems very difficult. Because so many people are taking it as a major requirement, or a GE, the historical analysis expected seems somewhat reasonable. In addition to this the professors lectures, the textbook, and the reader don't always seem to be in conjunction, which makes studying for the exams extremely tedious and difficult. I didn't find the online review at all helpful. Lastly, the amount of analysis and connections for events expected is far to great, because we are not given the appropriate tools to make these connections. I have been to office hours and this was not helpful in the overall scheme of understanding things in terms of the exams and papers.
  25. g The lectures were pretty interesting. Kind of made me uncertain as to what to focus on when reading through the book. Some of the reader assignments seemed kind of random. Some things got really racists during section and it made me just want to get up and leave. That incident kind of made me never want to talk in section again. Otherwise section was a good supplement to the reader assignments, but not so much what was discussed in class.
  26. g The professor is really nice, but doesn't really reply to e-mails even though he reads them. But he does his best to help his students if they ask, and there are tons of extra credit opportunities but many don't seem to take advantage of it (maybe they have conflicting schedules, who knows). The lectures are informative but it can get boring at times because I'm not really interested in everything that is taught. I really like the slides with the pictures and captions that are done for like, complementary reasons, because there are some things I really would not have known if it weren't for that and it helps me become more interested in the material. I dislike the clickers. They're kind of all right but I feel like lecture could be better without because they seem kind of pointless. I mean, obviously, you want people to attend class and it's great for helping out with that issue. On top of that, I don't like how we have to change the frequency every time, but I'm kind of used to it now. The exam was okay. History exams are a bit different because obviously, you have to be more factual, which I'm not used to. I'm not used to the history major with its requirements for how we answer exams and write essays (I'm not a history major, but a different social science major where you don't require to be so factual) because I always forget to condense and yet, expand as well (condense papers but still have a strong paper and expand on ideas that I forget to expand on because I simply forget to re-analyze what I wrote and realize that I should've wrote more to emphasize it). Section is interesting. The reading we have to do complements what we learn quite nicely. It really helps when exam time comes around because the textbook doesn't explain who people are (then again, if the exam was only based off of the textbook then those certain people wouldn't be on exam). I don't like reading when I'm forced to, but the reading the professor chose was a good choice. My TA is TA V and s/he's really nice, informative, thought-provoking, helpful, etc. S/He's a great TA that responds to e-mails quickly (…, haha), is very helpful and kind during office hours, etc. I would love to have her/him as a TA again. On a sidenote: I wouldn't mind having the same professor or TA again, especially for HIST 2A or 2B which I still need to take. I wouldn't mind having the same class setup with the lectures and sections - maybe the iClicker, but I'm not a huge fan. I've attended most of the extra credit opportunities as well (for the hell of it) and I'd say I only like fifty-percent of them. Some movies just really suck and they put me to sleep (no offense). For example, movie-wise, I loved Twilight Samurai and Persepolis, but I despised that 1917 movie and Gandhi was just eh (no offense to Gandhi). Biggest qualm: I wish we got the exam study guides sooner - not just the weekend before (maybe like, if the exam was Thursday of the second week, it could be given Tuesday, preferably, or Thursday of the previous week). Oh, and, "This survey should take you less than a minute" - complete lie!!! (Maybe I wrote too much - but the more feedback, the better!)
  27. g The study guide to the midterm exam was very frustrating. I felt really overwhelmed with seven essay questions to worry about, especially when we were given such a limited choice on the exam. (Up until the exam, however, I was under the impression there wouldn't be a choice at all, which added to the stress.) I understand world history is such a vast subject, but golly was that ever a rough week for me, academically. It would have helped me tremendously if I had been able to get the study guide just a couple days earlier.
  28. g Thought textbook is excellent (well written, clear, and more interesting) compared to my other history class. (17A)

Lecture (50)

  1. l Although I do enjoy lectures, I feel like they should be more specific. A lot of the time the topics presented are much too broad and it is hard for me to follow.
  2. l Although I do enjoy the lectures and I feel that I'm learning a lot, sometimes I wish there was more on the material we're going to be tested on and what we're supposed to have read before lecture.
  3. l both the professor and TA make the course interesting and do not just deliver the information in a boring way.
  4. l Feel like after the midterm, there is too much information to absorb and keep up with.
  5. l Great course all around, but time is wasted in beginnings of some lectures so the end is very rushed and inadequately covered due to lack of time. Otherwise, great.
  6. l I didn't seem to understand why lectures included material that was irrelevant in preparation for the exam. In addition, I felt that powerpoint presentations were more factual based rather than explaining the relevance or significance to the course topics. Other than that, I felt that the readings were very interesting and that section was very beneficial to the course.
  7. l I feel like sometimes the lectures get a little off topic. We hardly talk about certain thing's significances. The material was interesting and lectures were fun but I just feel that sometimes the class got off topic and would talk about things not relating the class sometimes. But overall good class
  8. l I feel like we did not go too into depth on any of the subjects we went over. The course felt like just an outline and we bounced around a lot; there could have been more slides with definitions instead of simply dates. I enjoyed lecture much more in the beginning of the quarter. Overall, I enjoyed the class and felt like all the readings were beneficial and to the point.
  9. l I feel that lecture could possibly be a bit more appealing to the student; to some history isn't the most entertaining subject. as for exams, i feel that a review should be held for midterms and finals. it may help the student to better understand what exactly they are learning and studying. TA's can make themselves more available, if possible.
  10. l I felt that the lectures could have contained more historical information. I frequently felt that it was only the reading that helped me get an A on the midterm.
  11. l I really enjoy some of the extra information you provide in lecture, but many times, I feel that we could have done without out especially for the points are trying to make. Sometimes you went into greater detail on a small event than on the bigger event that we should be discussing. The iclickers also should be limited to questions about the material rather than open-ended questions about the course. We should also do iclicker questions at the beginning of lecture and not right at the end. Other than that, I really enjoyed your lectures and came to all but one of them. I learned so much from this course and really appreciate your hard work and dedication!
  12. l I really like Marcuse, and what he is trying to convey, but he needs to be more assertive to get students to care more about the class, in my opinion, I get the feeling like the majority of students in lecture are just sitting there braindead, not actually engaged. also, I feel like the lectures are more of an overview of tons of information rather than a discussion on a more specified topic, which I would prefer, but maybe that is by design.
  13. l I usually see iclickers used in the same way as in this course. It takes attendance and lets the teacher know where the class is in reading and lecture. Some improvements for Prof. Marcuse: - I know the material is hard and just try to have it a bit more engaging (I know its hard) - the films are a great idea. Do not take those out.
  14. l I would like if Professor Marcuse would not drift off into other topics when talking about something else. I feel that he elaborates way too much sometimes and seems to go off topic. Other than that it has been great. TA W is fun to work with and the hw s/he assigns helps understand the reader much more.
  15. l I'd like if the powerpoints had the major events and their cause/effect instead of dates and names.
  16. l In the lectures, it would help me to have more content in the power point besides the date and abbreviation of the event. Maybe it is because I am a visual learner but its difficult to absorb the information you describe without more to see/reference on the board.
  17. l It is hard to take notes on the lecture material because Professor Marcuse puts information on the powerpoint while saying something completely different. The information seems scattered. The course should be more cohesive and easier to follow than it is currently.
  18. l It is very upsetting that we have such little time to go through each chapter. Sometimes, during lecture, it is sort of hard to catch details because we sometimes rush through the material. Even on exams, I end up rushing my answers because of the little time we are given. Nonetheless, it was a very enjoyable course! I think that the material is very interesting, and I am amazed that my professor and T.A. are able to keep my attention. :]
  19. l It would be helpful if the lecture notes had more substance. For example, instead of simply putting dates on the lecture notes, it would be helpful to include more details about the events and their significance.
  20. l Lecture is by far extremely boring, but very informative. When I go over my notes I find that the slides are useful for studying. I understand that teaching World Civilizations involves cramming and packing together a lot of information, but that is what it is too much information. Section is extremely irrelevant and no discussion goes around, even when there is participation.
  21. l Lecture is often unfocused and hard to follow.
  22. l Lecture is very informative but often quite dry. Copying powerpoints gives you great notes but I feel like most of lecture is just professor Marcuse reading from slides. We could get this same volume of information and, I think, comprehend and enjoy some of the material better if professor Marcuse "spiced up" his lectures with a little more in depth discussion and commentary on the very important aspects of each powerpoint. Since the lecture slide are posted online (which is absolutely excellent), diligent students would not lose any of the volume of information available, and might better comprehend and analyze some of the key ideas discussed. The iclickers are an annoyance and an unnecessary expense unless the professor feels mandatory lecture attendance is a must, rather, audience participation should be encouraged out loud.
  23. l Lectures are very boring, I took 17C last spring with Yaqub and his lectures were way more engaging and definitely kept me awake and interested the entire class. He showed video clips and told interesting anecdotes that i had never heard before, which really helped keep the class interesting. Section was pretty bad becuase no one participated but TA Z tried hard...overall class was to broad and i feel like i learned more from the book then i did from going to lectures some days
  24. l Lectures are way too boring and the professor goes off topic sometimes. I fall asleep. It would be much better if it was not so early when people are half awake!
  25. l Lectures could be more engaging. TA needs serious improvement, doesn't help the students much. Only laughs weirdly and makes the section feel awkward and feels like s/he's not really discussing the materials from lecture.
  26. l Lectures simply repeat what is in the textbook. Wouldn't attend if it weren't for the iclickers keeping attendance.
  27. l Lectures: Maybe this is just because I'm very diligent about reading the book, but lecture isn't as interesting as it could be for me because it seems like a lot of the information in lecture is duplicative of the information in the reading. Clickers: Fun to use, but might be more effective if used more to check for understanding. Also-making clicker questions more important might increase lecture attendance. Exams were of appropriate difficulty. For papers, I'm personally not sure if I like the family history paper only because there exists the possibility that someone's family may not have experienced any event that was important in WORLD history since they have been in the US for many generations, and students may have to rely on their parents generation for accounts of the thoughts of their grandparents generation as I had to. Source reader: While I feel it was full of interesting sources, I can't say I found them very useful. They would have been excellent had I written a paper and could have used some of them, but otherwise I never touched the reader except to do my homework. TA: TA X was an excellent TA, always cheery and helpful despite the early time of xAM
  28. l make the lectures a bit more interesting, give important info and try not to go off on tangents or be too general. use the iclicker questions on things related to the tests
  29. l Normally I have a really difficult time remembering historical events and people, but this class has helped me become more comfortable with history and I have had a easier time absorbing information. Thank you both, professor Marcuse and TA Z, I appreciate all the effort that is put into helping students understand the material.
  30. l Overall a good course, but not heavy on facts, which I would prefer. Also, it is a little too fast paced for my tastes - I would rather we spend more time on certain events - but that really cannot be helped given the quarter system.
  31. l Overall, I really enjoy this class. Besides it being held very early, I think that both lecture and section provide very valuable and interesting content.
  32. l Prof. has spent significant amounts of time discussing the UC budgets cuts to a degree that it detracts from the historical content of the lecture
  33. l Professor Marcuse is a compassionate teacher. Unfortunately, I feel like he spends more time lecturing about the present state of the UCs and trying to schedule dates for extra credit opportunities than he does on the material that we are learning. I learn way more from the book than I do from him. Nice guy, but I wish he had more interesting lectures.
  34. l Really doesn't have to do with subject but due to the fact that the class is an hour and fifteen minutes, the class can drag on and I sometimes lose focus. Also I wish we spoke a little more on certain subjects such as the Cold War.
  35. l Sometimes I wish that Professor Marcuse would go over some of the more confusing concepts that we read about in the textbook. The lectures focus more on conceptual ideas.
  36. l The lectures are a little hard to follow. And if I missed a lecture and read the powerpoints online, they didn't make a lot of sense. I think Professor Marcuse has a clear passion for and extensive knowledge of history, but the class was not very interesting to me at least. I can see how people who are truly interested in history would have no problem with this course, however.
  37. l The lectures are boring for the most part. Then again, it could be the 8am time...
  38. l The lectures are not very congruent. I would like to go over more terms and ideas that will be on the tests
  39. l the lectures are pretty much reviews of the textbook so it makes going to lecture seem pointless, especially at 8 am but the professor does try to get the students to engage in conversation
  40. l The lectures are so jammed pack that we rush through most slides so I can't really grasp the concept or we don't make it to the other slides. When there sent over Gaucho space I don't look at them because if I read the material I don't need them and I don't have anytime to work backwards. Sometimes during lecture you tend to ramble on and I can't find a point in what your saying. The iclickers were efficient in the beginning when they were being used and that helped me to make sure I got the material but when you stopped using them everyday I became lazy. It keeps me awake during class. I loved my TA because s/he was always asking us questions and s/he was always available for questions of any sort.
  41. l the lectures are torture
  42. l The lectures go over the allotted time and make the end of the class feel rushed.
  43. l The lectures need to be planned out better according to the time limitations of the class meetings. The lectures tend to run all the way to 9:15 yet the materials that are supposed to be covered generally don't get covered in that time.
  44. l The slides do not go into that much detail that the exams require. You expect a lot of specific information, but then only give us a brief overview. Also to have 7 essay option where you chose one is ridiculous because each essay question has multiple parts. Other than that the lectures are somewhat interesting.
  45. l The slides in class are somewhat all over the place and hard to follow. I wish you could be more specific and better explain some of the confusing material. At the end of lecture it is always rushed through, instead start out at a faster pace, so therefore the end material is well covered.
  46. l There is a lot of material to cover in lecture, and it might be easier to learn if so much content were not crammed in an hour and fifteen minutes.
  47. l This is by far my least favorite class I have ever taken at UCSB. Lectures are an overview of the textbook, so they are a waste of my time. The only reason I go is because I would receive a lower grade if I didn't. Marcuse is a terrible lecturer, and tries and fails to be engaging during lecture. I cannot wait until this quarter is over. iClickers are so stupid. I am very resentful that I was forced to pay for an iClicker that I know I will only use for this class. The best part of the class is the text book. I enjoy reading it. TA Z is a decent guy, but he isn't an effective TA. I don't get anything useful out of lecture and section.
  48. l try to put less chapter summarizes in the book, and actually focus on topics that will be relevant for the finals and midterms.
  49. l Wished we would have delved more into specific events and slowed down a little. Class seems like a blur.
  50. l your lectures are the most boring i've ever been in at ucsb.

Essay Assignments 1 (Equiano) and 2 (Family History Essay) (6)

  1. e1 Please do change the first essay prompt. I feel it's too common to ask students to write about the arguments about slavery. How about on recent issues like Israel and Palestine? I can't sense any prominent culture in the textbook
  2. e1 The topic for the family history paper is irrelevant to the course and difficult for those whose families have been living in California for years without moving. It's odd that we're even writing a family history paper while in college, considering most of us did so in elementary school. However, the Equiano paper was an excellent topic because it required students to engage in the class and actually do the reading required and to analyze what they read. I was able to take away and learn something from that assignment. I feel like the lectures should be better planned out because often times we go over our time limit or run out of time in the middle of a topic.
  3. e12 need more time to write papers and need more information to what might be expected
  4. e2 Family History essay seems pointless
  5. e2 overall a great course, however, the final essay has too vague a connection to the course material to be of any real help in synthesizing historical events and the present.
  6. e2 The second essay doesn't seem to be nearly as well planned out as the first and i am still quite confused as to what exactly we are supposed to be doing. In the future i would suggest substituting it for an assignment that would be easier to explain

IClickers (7, with more in the general and lecture categories)

  1. i I enjoyed the course overall. I feel that the iclickers weren't always necessary or a crucial part of the class therefore, should not be used.
  2. i I personally think the clickers are dumb. Yes you can gather some information with them, and promotes participation, but gathering information can just as easily be done in this online manner and save me . I do understand you use it to ask your curiousities, but my skepticism makes me think of it in terms of the class paying thousands of dollars in clickers so you can take roll. Sorry for the negetive attitude. Maybe the way that they were used in class didn't seem important or useful enough for me to feel satisfied with spending that kind of money on it. However useful it was for the instructor is not me to judge, but it benefitted me very little. Aside from that I think the instructor and TA's are Top-notch, some of the best I have had the pleasure to expirience.
  3. i I think the i-clickers questions should be more concise and with an only answer.
  4. i It's very nice of you to provide survey questions and iclicker questions to get feedback from students. It shows how much you are trying to reflect students' interests
  5. i Need to use the iClicker at every lecture. It sucks waking up and coming to an 8 am only to find out that you could have slept in and not missed anything (points wise) Not fair to the people who come to class on a regular basis.
  6. i personally hate the iclickers, but I think that without them no one would attend lecture. They are a good way to encourage students to attend lecture. I know that they provide additional opportunities for students to earn points, but for me I was harmed more for loss of points. I know that you allowed a certain amount of days to be missed with the iclickers, but with an 8am lecture and all the swine flu and other illness going around I think that it served to harm people who missed more lectures than allowed. g I think that you should also take into account that hist2c is taken by a lot of freshman and fall quarter when kids first move into the dorms, a lot of them get sick. A suggestion would be to make the iclicker points extra credit so it still serves the purpose of encouragement, but students aren't harmed by it. And maybe don't post the lecture slides online so they will want to come for the information. I really enjoy history, but knowing that all of the slides were online allowed me to zone out during lecture. I rarely took notes because I knew it was unnecessary, and the people I knew in the class felt the same way. The book you chose for the course was excellent, very clear and easy to read, but still informative. I liked Equiano and I think that the novels inclusion in the course is a nice touch. The Equiano paper topic was great too, but the word count was unrealistic. My paper was 300 words over word count and that was after multiple revisions and attempts to shorten it. And I was a little mad when the only comments on my paper were about expanding on certain ideas that my original draft had included. Having a minimum and no maximum would be more realistic when writing on an entire novel. My TA was great, taught me a lot, I enjoyed section with her/him, and s/he was very accessible and willing to help with anything. The direct sources in the reader were cool and added a lot to the course material. You as a professor were great. I like the way you look at an analyze history. And the other day you wore the most amazing sweater I have ever seen. I also like when you read quotes, you would be a good storyteller. You make good lectures too. Kudos.
  7. i The iclicker makes class more interesting and interactive, you should ask more questions.

Teaching Assistants (9) [I anonymized these and made them gender neutral]

  1. ta Grading is different with each TA. Not clear on what TA wants. Varying opinion from TA and teacher. Not sure whose advice to follow.
  2. ta I believe my TA grades harder compared to other TA's. My colleagues and I have compared and contrasted our TA's and s/he seems a harder grader. S/He is a good TA helps us discuss the material.
  3. ta I love my TA TA X s/he is awesome and i love history 2C one of the best classes im taking right now.
  4. ta I loved my TA as a person but her/his communication could be improved. However, s/he definitely know her/his history well. Sometimes the lectures were hard to follow or unclear; I liked the pictures however and I like the clicker questions. Your focus seemed very unbiased which I really liked.
  5. ta I work very hard but do not agree with many aspects of TA Z's grading and teaching style.
  6. ta In section, discussion is limited and restricted, as I feel as though the TA restricts the amount of input you can add.
  7. ta TA X is awesome and engaging. Her/His sections are great. I had to attend a different section once and it was good, however I really like TA X's style. The professor is great, he really cares about the students and wants us to do well I can tell. He trys to make the material as engaging as possible and does cool things like the chat on gauchospace before the midterm. The iclickers are alright, the professor basically has it down, my english teacher doesn't and that's annoying. I don't mind them. Basically I can't complain about the class. The professor is super nice and so is my ta.
  8. TA W= sexy / good juju
  9. TA X is a great TA! S/He is very understanding and knows how to review Professor's material real well.

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