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I am Daniel Castillo and I am currently a third year business economics major. My portion of this website, I researched how the economic situation in Germany after WWI made it possible for Hitler to gain power. By searching through the University library and internet sources, I was able to find information on the German economy and how they led to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party.

My name is Carlos Magana, I am a third year Political Science, emphasis in IR, and History Major. I researched how the Versailles Treaty played a role in the ascendance of Hitler into power. I decided to focus my research on the Versailles Treaty because I would argue that the political decisions made by leaders after WWI, ultimately influenced the course of history in the aftermath of WWI.

Hi my name is Steven Molina, I am currently a third year History Major, with emphasis on Public Policy. My research consisted of finding two books that would allow me to illustrate two different points of views on the rise of Hitlerís power. I chose Der Fuehrer Hitlerís Rise to Power, because it was written during the Naziís era. The other book I chose to compare and contrast was Hitler And Nazism. These two books were written in two different periods and have two different perspectives on the same topic.