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My information for this project was gathered through books from the UCSB library. These books were very helpful and provided many illustrations and explanations of the Protocols.


The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion ON-LINE
The author of this homepage is biblebelievers. This site includes the entire set of the Protocols. It includes a preface and an introduction. This is a great site to study the Protocols on-line.

Information about the Protocols
David Dickerson
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This page includes commentary by many writers. These writers include Dr. Danny Kersen, Adolf Hitler, and the Los Angeles Times. It is also possible to download the Protocols from this website. Helpful introduction of the Protocols by Dr. Kersen. Also includes Quotes from Mein Kampf about the Protocols.

Review of the History of the Protocols
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The Skeptics Dictionary, Last updated November 25, 2003
Quick review of the history of the Protocols. Includes quotes from Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler. Comments on Henry Fords involvement with the spreading of anti-Semitism in the United States.

Short Essays on the Holocaust, includes Protocol short essay, Last modified: December 1, 2003
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Short essay on the Holocaust and the Protocols. Helpful explanation of the time period.


The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem. (link to detailed bibliographic information and excerpt)
"At the apex of his business career Henry Ford, the industrial genius, sensed that a terrific effort was being made to take his business from him and manipulate it into the hands of the money-changers. Mr. Ford had the impression that these manipulators were being engineered by powerful Jewish financiers." Ford gathered his brightest men to research the international Jew. The results were published and circulated by Ford. Ford begins each chapter with a Protocol.

A Rumor About The Jews: Reflections on Antisemitism And The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion.
From Library Journal
In this book, Bronner (political science and comparative literature, Rutgers Univ.), who won the Michael A. Harrington Prize for Moments of Decision: Political History and the Crises of Radicalism, places The Protocols of the Elders of Zion within a broader framework, arguing effectively that acceptance of the notorious forgery had as much to do with reactions against liberalism and democracy as it did with anti-Semitism. According to the author, the popularity of the Protocols stemmed from political anti-Semitism, linking Jews to the "evils" of the Enlightenment (from the viewpoint of the reactionaries), rather than the usual religious and social reasons for anti-Semitism. Although it does not replace Norman Cohn's Warrant for Genocide (Serif, 1998), which remains the standard English-language source on the early history of the Protocols, this book makes an original and valuable contribution to the literature. (Readers might be interested to know that Russian historian Mikhail Lepekhine has determined that Mathieu Golovinski was the author of the infamous Protocols.) For some reason, the CIP for this book uses the subheading "juvenile literature," which it is not. Recommended for Judaica and intellectual history collections. --John A. Drobnicki, York Coll., CUNY
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An Appraisal of the Protocols Of Zion.
The book takes apart each Protocol and explains it. It also provides information and evidence that shows how the Protocols are inconsistent and suspicious. The book does a good job of focusing on Nilus and the Bern Trials. Fantastic comparison between the parallels of the Dialogues and the Protocols. Overall, I highly recommend this book for those who want a better understanding of the Protocols, evidence, and parallels.

The Truth About "The Protocols Of Zion."
This is a complete book that includes the origin of the protocols as well as how the protocols were spread throughout the world. Includes the Dialogues in Hell and many other texts. Explains how the Protocols were exposed by the London Times.

Warrant for Genocide: The Myth of the Jewish world-conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
From Publishers Weekly
The myth of Jews as children of the Devil, mysterious, uncanny and possessed of sinister powers, has persisted since the second century, when they were accused of killing Christian children, torturing the consecrated wafer and poisoning wells. In his history of the demonizing of Jewry, British academic Cohn (The Pursuit of the Millennium), describes the modern adaptation of that myth as promulgated through the turn-of-the-century forgery "Protocols of the Elders of Zion." This document was purported to plan Jewish domination of the globe through control of political parties, banks, the press and public opinion, "casting a net of gold and steel around the world." Although soon to be proven a blatant hoax by the Berne trial in 1935, the "Protocols" sold 120,000 copies in Germany in one year and helped convince 17 million Germans to vote Nazi in 1933. Cohn shows how the fiction of a Jewish conspiracy then combined with volkisch-racist ideology to produce the Holocaust: civilization needed to be rescued from this dark, earthbound race by the "world of good, of light, incarnated in blond, blue-eyed people" marching under the sun-god's symbol, the swastika. This, Cohn argues, with convincing evidence, was the justification used for murdering two thirds of all the Jews in Europe. Long out of print, Cohn's book, complete with a new afterword and extended extracts from the "Protocols" in the appendix, is a well-documented, accessible introduction to a key factor in the history of the Holocaust.
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Smith, Gerald L.K. The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem. Los Angeles: Christian Nationalist Crusade.

Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion: Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion.

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