Looking at the Holocaust from two perspectives:
Mel Mermelstein's book By Bread Alone, and
an interview with survivor Ralph Hokmann

by Amber Anapolsky, Dec. 2003

Goal: Examine different perspectives to understand different interpretations, different meanings, and different implications of the Holocaust.

            Even 60 years after the occorrence of the Holocaust, people continue to question the facts concerning the Holocaust. This site is designed to help you look at two different perspectives of the Holocaust. Mel Mermelstein is a Holocaust survivor who battled in court to legaly recongnize that the Holocaust occured. Ralph Hokmann survived Auschwitz and his testimony is recorded here. Different and contradicting thoughts and stories arise as a result of different belief systems. As you read through the web pages, these different perspectives will arise.

An In-depth review of By Bread Alone by Amber Anapolsky (link to review)

The Testimony of Ralph Hokmann, a Holocaust Survivor, recorded and analyzed by Amber Anapolsky (link to interview)

            This web page was created by Amber Anapolsky as her final project for History 33D, the Holocaust: Interdisciplinary Perspectives at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Amber Anapolsky is a senior at UCSB. She chose to reserach the basic question: is denial a "perspective?" because her grandfather was a Holocaust survivor. She believes that "keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive will protect society against inhumanity" (quote by Amber Anapolsky). Amber conducted her research by reading By Bread Alone, and driving down to L.A. to interview Ralph Hokmann.

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