UCSB History Department:
Senior Honors Theses, 1981-1997

list compiled by Prof. Harold Marcuse
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  • Adams, Christine, 1990. The Professor and the Commoner: Woodrow Wilson, William Jennings Bryan, and World War I. Kalman. UCSB.
    2oth Century America/ World War I/ Woodrow Wilson/ William Jennings Bryan.
  • Armstrong, Aaron, 1990. Drugs and the Evolution of an American Public Policy Crisis. Bergstrom. UCSB.
    20th Century United States Public Policy/ United States Government Drug Policy/ Bergstrom.
  • Aron, Wendy, 1992. Public Interest Law in the 1960s. Kalman. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    20th Century America/ Public Interest Law/ Office of Economic Opportunity/ American Social Reform/ Laura Kalman.
  • Aston, Rosalie, 1994. All-American or Un-American: Anti-Semitism and the House Un-American Activities Committee, 1938-1945. Kalman. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents, 2 copies.
    20th Century America/ House Un-American Activities Committee/ Anti-Semitism in America/ Samuel Dickstein/ Martin Dies/ Laura Kalman.
  • Aubry, Alison Ming, 1993. The Erotic Woman: Sexual Advice Literature and Racy Novels in Victorian America. Patricia Cline Cohen. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    Victorian America/ Sexual Advice Literature/ Racy Novels/ Female Sexuality/ Patricia Cline Cohen.
  • Baker, Jennifer, 1997. Kennedy's Laotian Policy: Waging Peace by Risking War. Fredrik Logevall. UCSB.
    Note: incl. index.
    Laos/ Kennedy, John F./ Cuba/ Cold War.
  • Bardell, Darren, 1997. Presidential Policy-Making: President Bush and the Gulf Crisis. Fred Logevall. UCSB.
    Note: includes index.
    Bush, George/ Iraq/ U.S. Foreign Policy/ Presidential Policy-Making/ Modern Warfare.
  • Bell, Andrew, ____. Student Nationalism and Its Ideological Association with Radical Nationalism in France and Germany, 1871-1914. Talbott. UCSB.
    19th and 20th Century Europe/ Student Nationalism/ World War I/ Talbott.
  • Berman, Sylvia, ____. When Ideology Triumphs: Visions of the Early Mandatory Period in Palestine. ______. UCSB.
    Early 20th Century Palestine/ Bernard Lewis/ Palestinian Arabs/ ZionistsWalid Khalidi.
  • Brax, Jeffrey, 1997. The British War in Vietnam: Imerialism and Miliary Intervention, 1945-1946. Laura Kalman. UCSB.
    Note: table of contents.
    Vietnam/ Great Britain/ 1945.
  • Brower, Kevin D., 1996. The Development of American Foreign Policy in Iran, 1942-1947: From World War to Cold War. Logevall. UCSB.
    American Foreign Policy in Iran/ Newt Gingrich/ Cold War/ World War II/ Azerbaijan crisis/ Mohammed Mussadiq/ Fred Logevall.
  • Butler, Brendt, 1997. The Ties that Bind: Political Patronage in the Late Roman Republic. Robert Kallet-Marx. UCSB.
    Note: none.
    Cicero/ patronage/ Rome.
  • Castronova, Stephen, 1982. Mineral King--A Conflict of Interest. ______. UCSB.
    California Environment 20th Century/ Mineral King Valley/ United States Forest Service/ Sierra Club/ Conservation.
  • Caviezel, Lorena, 1990. Gender Transitions For Women in the Early Republic. Kalman. UCSB.
    Note: 2 copies.
    The Early Republic/ The American Revolution / Gender Transitions for Women/ womens roles.
  • Clark, B. Dominic, 1992. Calling the Shots: Eisenhower, Dulles, and Decisionmaking in Asian Policy 1952-55. DeConde. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    20th Century America/ United States Policy in Asia/ Korean War/ Dien Bien Phu/ Quemoy-Matsu Crisis/ DeConde.
  • Clark, Dylan, 1992. The Grand Old Party in Triumph: Politics and Race 1968-1974. ______. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    20th Century America/ American Politics/ The New Deal/ Strong Thurmond/ George Wallace/ Richard Nixon.
  • Coffey, Colleen MegAnne, ____. Murder, Adultery, and Civilized Morality: Caroline Norton and Other Fallen Women in the California Justice System 1850-1900. ______. UCSB.
    19th Century California Justice System/ Caroline Norton/ mid-class values of the 19th Century/ female felons in California.
  • Cohen, Lisa, 1990. The Origins of the War on Poverty. Bergstrom Kalman. UCSB.
    Note: 3 copies.
    20th Century America/ War on Poverty/ Kalman/ Bergstrom.
  • Cornell, Sinclair, 1990. The Path of Criticism: George Frost Kennan's Foreign Service Career, 1946-1963. Kalman. UCSB.
    Note: 2 copies.
    20th Century America/ United States Foreign Service/ George Frost Kennan/ Laura Kalman.
  • DeRienzo, Tracy, 1996. Noble Apprenticeship: The Political and Social Context of Service. McGee. UCSB.
    15th Century England/ English aristocracy/ noble apprenticeship/ J. Sears McGee.
  • Dodd, Weldon, ____. The Advent of the Submarine in the Soviet Navy 1919-1933. ______. UCSB.
    20th Century Soviet Union/ Soviet Navy/ the Red Army/ submarine construction in the Soviet Union.
  • Edwards, Carolyn, 1991. The Court and Cathedral Schools of Charlemagne and Otto the Great. Hollister. UCSB.
    Note: Outline.
    Imperial Church System/ Charlmagne / Otto the Great/ Cathedral Schools / Brun/ Alcuin/ C. Warren Hollister.
  • Eriksen, Lisa M., 1989. The Soviet Union and the Specialized Agencies of the United Nations, 1954-1962. Cold War Policies or Humanitarian Ideals? _______. UCSB.
    20th Century World Relatiions/ United Nations/ Cold War/ the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics.
  • Figal, Gerald A., 1984. Percival Lowell's Analysis of the Japanese Soul: The Profits and Pitfalls of Cross-Cultural Interpretation. Henry D. Smith. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    Percival Lowell/ the Japanese Soul/ Lafcadio Hearn/ 20th Century Japan.
  • Freeborn, Paul D., 1992. Doomed to Failure. Sino-American Relations 1941-1950. Fogel. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents, 2 copies.
    Sino-American Relations in the 20th Century/ Chinese Communist Party/ Korean War/ People's Republic of China/ Fogel.
  • Garrett, Crister, ____. Death and Politics: The Katyn Forest Massacre and the Shaping of American Foreign Policy. ______. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    Modern Europe/ The Second World War/ Katyn Forest Massacre/ Poland/ Russia.
  • Gechter, Ronit Charon, 1996. The Plantation Mistress. Myth and Reality in History and Literature. Harris. UCSB.
    ante-bellum South / 19th Century southern women/ Plantation Social System/ Bergstrom/ Harris.
  • Giambo, Gail, 1994. The Flight for Freedom to the North: Black Women and the Union Army. Bonadio. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents, 2 copies .
    19th Century America/ American Civil War/ African-American History/ Union Army/ African-American women/ Bonadio .
  • Gronborg, Tor, 1991. Beyond Human Control: Harry S. Truman and the Atomic Dilemma. ______. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    20th Century America/ Harry S. Truman/ atomic bomb/ Hiroshima/ nagasaki.
  • Gyepes, David, 1985. The Effects of the 1973 October War on the Decline of the Israeli Labor Party. Gallagher. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents, 2 copies.
    20th Century Palestine and Israel/ 1973 October War/ Israeli Labor Party/ The Rabin Administration.
  • Hanken, John, 1992. Alexander Kerensky and the Democratic Ideal In Revolutionary Russia. Hasegawa?. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    Early 20th Century Russia/ Alexander Kerensky/ Revolutionary Russia.
  • Hanson, Karen L., 1989. The White House Derby: Horse-Race Journalism and Presidential Elections. Eric R. A. N. Smith. UCSB.
    Note: A Political Science Honors Thesis.
    Table of Contents.
    20th Century United States/ American Politics/ Eric R.A.N. Smith/ United States Media .
  • Hester, Jay W., 1992. The Sedition Act of 1798, Politics or Precautions. Juster. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    Early American Politics/ The Sedition Act of 1798/ The Genet Mission/ the XYZ Affair/ Federalists/ John Adams/ Alexander Hamilton/ Juster.
  • Hohnsbeen, Roger, 1981. The Age of Peel or "Why did Chartism Fail and the Anti-Corn Law League Succeed? [Gollin]. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    19th Century Britian/ Anti-Corn Law League/ Chartist movement/ Sir Robert Peel/ British working class social reforms.
  • Howard, Shawn A., 1996. Shadow of the Bomb. Final Campaigns of the Pacific War and the Atomic Decision. [Badash?]. UCSB.
    the Pacific War/ Atomic Warfare/ Truman/ Admiral William Leahy/ Okinawa/ Hiroshima/ nagasaki.
  • Kagan, Marty, 1992. Monkey in the Middle: Lithuania's Role in Nazi-Soviet Relations. ______. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    20th Century Nazi-Soviet Relations/ Lithuania/ Nazi-Soviet Pact/ the Cold War.
  • Karlin, Andrew, 1984. Terror From Above: The Impact of Strategic Bombardment on English and German Morale During World War Two. Remak [Gollin?. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    20th Century Europe/ the Doctrine of Strategic Bombardment/ Battle of Britian/ Anglo-American Air Offensive/ World War II.
  • Kenny, Shannon L., 1995. Firmicius Maternus and Conversion to Christianity in the Fourth Century. Drake. UCSB.
    Note: Outline.
    Late Roman Empire/ Ancient Rome/ Christianity/ Firmicus Maternus.
  • Kittay, Eric P., 1989. The Formulation of Civil Rights Policy Regarding Desegregation and Busing During President Nixon's Term in Office. Kalman. UCSB.
    American Civil Rights Policy/ Richard Nixon/ Desegregation/ Busing/ Kalman.
  • Knott, Debra, 1982. The Cult of Peter the Great Among the South Slavs on the 18th Century. Dmitrije Djordjevic. UCSB.
    18th Century Russia/ Peter the Great/ South Slavs.
  • Korbin, Stephen Michael, 1989. Judicial Selection and Tenure: A Brief History of Judicial Reform in the State of California. Bergstrom. UCSB.
    20th Century Judicial System in California/ State Bar Association/ Califonia State Chamber of Commerce/ Randy Bergstrom.
  • Korbin, Steven, 1991. The House That Taxpayers Built: New York City and the Subsidization of Major League Baseball. Barbara J. Fields. Columbia University.
    20th Century America/ Major League Baseball/ New York City/ John Lindsay/ New York Giants/ Brooklyn Dodgers.
  • Lampert, Lynn D., 1994. Americans, Confederates, or Shyloks: Nineteenth Centruy Views of Jews and American Anti-Semitism. Harris. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents, 2 copies.
    Nineteenth Century American views of Jews/ Literature on Jews / the Jewish experience in America/ anti-Semitism/ Carl Harris .
  • Latouche, Jason, 1992. Science in Antarctica: Policy in the Path of Progress. Larry Badash. UCSB.
    Note: no page numbers; for grad. seminar.
    Antarctica/ 1959/ science.
  • Lewis, Daniel K., ____. Reaction and Revolution: The Origins of Division in the French Student Revolt. ______. UCSB.
    20th Century French Student Movement/ Student Protests in France/ French university system.
  • Loftin, Craig, 1995. Fade To Red: The CSU Strikes and Hollywood Anti-Communist Hysteria. ______. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    20th Century United States/ Red Scare/ House Committee on un-American Activities/ Roy Brewer/ Blacklisting.
  • Lyons, Shawn T., 1986. 'Partinost' and the Origins of Socialist Realism. _______. UCSB.
    Early 20th Century Soviet Union/ Bolshevik Revolution/ socialist realism/ partinost.
  • MacFarlane, Andrew G., 1991. Forming the French Communist Party
    Following the Paths of three French Communists, 1914-1920. [Lindemann?]. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    Early 20th Century France/ the French Communist Party/ Zimmerwaldian Left/ The Bolshevik Revolution/ French Socialist Party/ Fernard Loriot/ Marcel Cachin/ L.O. Frossard.
  • McCormick, Elizabeth, 1989. The Eschatology of Ralph Cudworth and Henry More. McGee. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    16th century England/ Reformation England/ J. Sears mcGee/ Henry More/ Platonism/ Ralph Cudworth/ Latitudinarians.
  • Moralee, Jason, 1995. 'The Cursed Stomach': Diet and the Construction of Holiness in Late Antique Syria. Drake. UCSB.
    Note: 2 copies.
    Late Antique Syria/ pagan/ Christian relations/ Macedonius/ Marvin Harris/ H.A. Drake.
  • Motola, Alexander, 1992. Arthur, Origins of the Legend. Hollister. UCSB.
    Note: 3 copies.
    Mid-fifteenth Century Europe/ King Arthur/ Hollister.
  • Mullins, Loris, 1996. Florence and the Madonna del Latte. Lansing. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    Late Middle Ages/ Florence/ the Madonna del Latte/ the Catasto/ the Florentine Patriarch/ Carol Lansing/ Randy Bergstrom.
  • Nelson, Amy, 1982. The West German House Squatter Movement: the role of direct-action opposition groups in liberal-democratic societies. Albert S. Lindemann. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    20th Century Germany/ West German House Squatter Movement/ Extra-Parliamentary Direct-Action Groups.
  • Nelson, Kathy, 1981. The Equality of Men and Women as Taught by the Early Church. ______. UCSB.
    Early Christianity/ women of the Bible/ women in the church.
  • Nelson, Steven J., 1989. The United States and Spain, 1931-1936. DeConde. UCSB.
    Spain in the early 20th Century/ Spanish-American relations/ Spanish Civil War/ Spanish-American War/ DeConde.
  • Petteway, Corbett, ____. Political Science: The National Science Foundation Act of 1950. Badash. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    20th Century America/ National Science Foundation Act of 1950/ scientific research of the United States/ Vannevar Bush/ Badash.
  • Raub, Miriam, ____. Saint Daniel the Stylite and the Role of the Holy Man in Late Antiquity. Drake. UCSB.
    Late Antiquity/ Saint Daniel/ Christianity/ Constantinople/ Drake.
  • Rauch, Martin, 1984. The Norman Aristocracy, Old or New? Hollister. UCSB.
    pre-1066 Normandy/ Norman Aristocracy/ David Douglas/ David Bates/ Hollister.
  • Reckard, Frank, ____. New Mexico, 1890-1930: Land of Four Cultures? Changing Perceptions of the Pueblo Indians. Richard E. Oglesby. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    New Mexico/ Pueblo Indians/ Native Americans/ Richard E. Oglesby.
  • Sanders, Carey J., 1992. Cultural Opposition: The Czechoslovak Writers' Union's Contribution to the Prague Spring, 1967-68. ______. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    20th Century Europe/ Prague Spring/ Czechoslovak Communist Party/ Czechoslovak Writers' Union.
  • Saso, Diana, 1993. Measuring Anti-Semitism: Uses and Abuses of Polls 1937-1962. Albert S. Lindemann. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    20th Century anti-Semitism in America/ Jewish American history/ Lindemann.
  • Senecal, Christine K., 1992. Political Origins of Medieval Historical Writing in England: A Case Study of Bede, Henry of Huntingdon, and William of Malmesbury. [Hollister?]. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents, 2 copies.
    Medieval Europe/ Medieval Historical Writing in England/ Historia/ Henry of Huntingdon/ Historia Anglorum/ William of Malmesbury/ Gesta Regum/ Historia Novella/ Bede.
  • Sleeper, Christopher Anthony, 1996. We Want You in the British Army!! or do we? Competing Interests and Contradictions between the Rhodesian Colonial Government and the British War Office over the Recruitment of Rhodesian Africans in World War Two. James Burns (grad student). UCSB.
    the 20th Century British Empire / Rhodesian Africans/ Rhodesain Colonial Government/ British War Office/ the British Army/ World War II/ James Burns.
  • Spannagel, Laura M., 1995. Bludgeoning the Mass Mind: The Formation and Interpretation of National Security Council Memorandum 68. Logevall. UCSB.
    Note: Table Of Contents.
    20th Century America/ National Security Council Memorandum 68/ The Marshall Plan/ The Soviet Union/ The Cold War/ Logevall.
  • Sparks, Louis J, 1989. Fast Day Sermons to the Long Parliament. McGee. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents.
    Early Modern Europe/ McGee/ Religion/ Long Parliament/ 17th Century/ England.
  • Statler, Kathryn, 1993. The Cuban Missile Crisis. Logevall. UCSB.
    Note: not available.
  • Stoutner, Duncan, 1996. Desegregation Woes in Los Angeles County Public Schools. Harris. UCSB.
    Los Angeles County Public Schools/ American school desegregation/ the Los Angeles Unified school district/ de facto segregation/ Harris.
  • Tipton, David, ____. Constantine and the Bishops: Imperial Administration with a Christian Bureaucracy. [Drake?]. UCSB.
    Roman Empire/ Constantine/ the Council of Nicaea/ Christianity/ Diocletian/ Edict of Milan.
  • Torbik, Joseph, 1996. Diplomacy in Action: Sir Ralph Sadler in the Scottish Reformation. Robert Mueller. UCSB.
    the Scottish Reformation/ Sir Ralph Sadler/ Elizabeth Tudor/ William Cecil/ Privy Council/ Treaty of Edinurgh/ Randy Bergstom/ Robert Mueller.
  • Ufland, Peter J., 1990. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act: Twenty Years of Debate. Kalman and Callow. UCSB.
    20th Century American Organized Crime/ the U.S. government/ Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act/ Callow/ Laura Kalman.
  • Vosti, Erin, 1997. Libertas Spiritus: The Free Spirit of Marguerite Porete. A Study of Heresy and Mysticism in the 14th Century. Carol Lansing. UCSB.
    Note: incl. index.
    Porete, Marguerite/ Inquisition, / beguines, / mysticism, / heresy .
  • Westfall, Jan, 1983. Truth or Superstition? The Question of Oracles In the Fourth Century. ______. UCSB.
    4th Century Oracles/ Classic Greece/ world of antiquity.
  • Wilgus, David, 1997. A Spot once Fameless: Contemporary and Modern Interpretations
    of the Battle of Gettysburg. John Majewski. UCSB.
    Civil War/ Civil War Battles/ Gettysburg/ Battle of Gettysburg/ Gettysburg Address/ Lincoln/ Interpretation of Battles/ Union/ Confederacy.
  • Wolcott, Stephen W., 1990. The Thirty-first Star: The Unique Story of California and the Eastern Reaction, 1835-1850. ______. UCSB.
    Note: Table of Contents, 2 copies.
    19th Century America/ California.
  • Yu, Hyun T., 1991. The Anglo-German Naval Race: Its Origins and Influences on the First World War, 1897-1914. Remak. UCSB.
    Note: Outline, disk.
    Early 20th Century Europe/ First World War/ The Armageddon/ Kaiser Wilhelm II/ Anglo-German Naval Race/ Remak.

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