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UCSB Int 94il, Fall 2005 (course homepage)
Representing Hitler and Nazism, 1925-2005
HSSB 4041, Thu 2:00-2:50

Prof. Marcuse (homepage)
HSSB 4221, 893-2635
Office hours: Tues. 11-12, Wed. 1-2

Representing Hitler and Nazism, 1925-2005
Freshman Seminar Syllabus

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[NOTE 4/08: superceded by 2008 syllabus]

Introduction and Goals

Freshman seminars give students an opportunity to get acquainted with a professor and the professor's research in a small group setting. I teach German history, and my particular specialty are the different ways Germans have reacted to and thought about the Nazi period of their country's past since the end of World War II. This includes how the Nazi period has been taught in German schools.

My goals for this course are to learn more about what you have learned and what interests you about German history and the Holocaust.

As for your goals, I am very eager to hear about them! If you haven't done so already, please give it some thought and let me know!


  1. attend class (and field trip) and participate in discussion
  2. do the assigned readings and library research
  3. prepare a written and oral report (description and assessment) on primary sources about Hitler

Weekly Schedule


Sept. 22:



Sept. 29:

Discussion of Lukacs, The Hitler of History (1997), 7-32, 52-61, 73-75


Oct. 6:

Discuss causality and Hitlerís role in the Holocaust


Oct. 13:
Oct. 16:

Discuss primary sources on Hitlerís life up to 1925
Field trip to two Los Angeles Holocaust Museums (8am bus loop; 6pm back)


Oct. 20:

Discuss representations of Hitlerís role in the Holocaust


Oct. 27:

Hitler in art and film; select project topics


Nov. 3:
Nov. 9:

Hitler in literature (fiction)
6:30pm, bldg 387, rm 103: Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator (1941), 124min.


Nov. 10:

Discuss Chaplin film; how to prepare final report


Nov. 17

Oral reports


Dec. 1:

Oral reports

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