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Steffi Gascon- I am a sophomore Psychology major at UCSB. When I was a junior in high school we studied the Holocaust, but nothing to the extent of what I have learned this quarter in Professor Marcuse's Holocaust class. In addition to studying actual events, we also delve into the reasons why the Holocaust happened, and many other aspects which interest me as a Psychology major. After college I am planning on attending law school so our project on the Nuremberg trials was also of great importance to me. This class as a whole has not only taught us about a major tragedy of our past, it has also taught us about human nature and to try to prevent history from repeating itself.

I began my research by looking on the web for relevant sites. I then went to the UCSB library and searched in the call list for other pertinent books. The book I found was a detailed diary about the trials and also had a breakdown of the defense for each German accused. This was extremely helpful for my section and helped me to focus on the German defense in my section. The library had many books that would be useful for our project on the Nuremberg trials and Katie Jo and Karen were also able to find many useful books and web sites.

Allison Harrer- I am a sophomore Communications major at the University of California Santa Barbara. I have always taken an avid interest in history especially because I think having knowledge about the past is both essential and beneficial to who I am as a person. My enrollment in Professor Marcuse's Interdisciplinary Perspectives class on the Holocaust was completely coincidental, but has been an eye-opening and rewarding experience. Most people have a general idea surrounding the Holocaust, but throughout this course I was provided with an in depth educational experience I never would have expected.

By utilizing various mediums such as films, lectures, and museums each presenting different perspectives on what the Holocaust was and why it happened, I have an understanding of the horrendous atrocities victims underwent. Education about the Holocaust is incredibly important and through my own as well as my group's research I hope to contribute to making information about this topic more readily available.  I utilized two websites already available on the web to collect information on the various cases of the Nuremberg Trials, and also used another book checked out from the UCSB library.  I found them all to be very helpful; the website even included pictures of all those prosecuted.

Katie Jo Parris- I am a senior pre-law Business Economics major and writing minor at UCSB. This year has been the first in which I have been able to take classes for fun outside of my two fields of study. The History of the Holocaust class taught by Professor Marcuse has been a very interesting and eye-opening course. The class brought me to research my own family history, being that I am from German dissent. The Nuremberg Trials are of utmost interest to me due to my interest in law, which is why I chose this emphasis for the project.

The research process I used began with the textbook to get an idea of what to look for in other sources. After that, I did a search using the UCSB library book search to find relevant sources. I then went to the library and checked out five books. Of these five, two of the books were very relevant to my section of the project. Once I finished my section, I went online to see if I was missing any pertinent information, and found that the sources I used covered my topic well.

Karen Phinney- I am a junior English major at UCSB.  I first became interested in the History of the Holocaust when I traveled to Poland with my grandparents, who are both survivors.  Learning their history and understanding the history of all those who survived is very important to me; I hope that through my understanding I can come to understand my grandparents and the terrible hardships they went through in order for me to be here today.  I plan on continuing my study of the Holocaust in Professor Marcuse's class offered next quarter.

When researching for the introduction of the website, I first went to the web to access the endless sources on the Nuremberg Trials and the Holocaust.  Once I acquired my information there, I then collaborated with Katie Jo to get the information I needed from the books she had found in the library.  Some of the books she had found that were not relevant to her topic were extremely relevant to mine.  After researching all of these sources I then developed the introduction of the website and help to format the rest of the site with Katie Jo.  I think that the entire project will come together nicely and help others to learn and come to understand the Nuremberg Trials.

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