The Nuremberg Trials

Judgment of the Perpetrators of World War II

            Throughout the process of accumulating this website we, the authors, have studied the Nuremberg Trials of World War II in order to gain insight on the assessment of the indictments of the German perpetrators.  The authors include Katie Jo Parris, Karen Phinney, Steffi Gascon, and Allison Harrer; we are all students of the University of California, Santa Barbara enrolled in a history of the Holocaust class (History 33D), taught by Professor Marcuse.  We believe the seven sources used to develop this website are all accurate and valid in their information.  The three books used Peter Calvocoressi’s Nuremberg, the Facts, the Law and the Consequences G.M. Gilbert’s. Nuremberg Diary, and The Death Doctors written by Mielke, F. and A. Mitscherlich offered in depth information of various topics we focused on in our website.  One website that was extremely helpful when assessing the Nuremberg Tribunal was “The Avalon Project” at Yale Law School, which outlined the Constitution of the Tribunal.  The website “War Crimes Tribunals; an In-Depth Analysis”, was a brief summary of the trials, dates, and the convictions.  The website “World famous trials: Nuremburg trials 1945-1949” was an in depth look at each individual Nazi official put on trial. In order to find background information on the authors and books, please click on the annotated bibliography.


Throughout this website you will find preliminary information on the Nuremberg Trials (intro page), detailed information of what constitutes the three types of crimes in which one could be convicted (crimes page), a summary of all the cases presented before the Tribunal (judgement page), and an extensive look at one actual case against Hermann Goering (Goering page), and his conviction. It is our belief that through the Nuremberg Trials, the Allied powers were able to assign responsibility and punish those guilty of the atrocities of WWII. Though the convictions helped to bring justice to the world, they could never compensate for the millions of lives lost. Throughout the introduction, you will find links to the different web pages. They can also be accessed below: