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Keren Wexler author of Ignorance Page
I am from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, but I currently attend UC Santa Barbara.  I am a sophomore and I am currently a pre-sociology major.  I plan to work in the field of social specifically with teenagers.  In the fall of 2004 I will be studying abroad in Barcelona for a year in order to learn Spanish fluently.  I truly enjoyed creating this website because not only did I benefit from it but I am glad that other viewers will learn as well.  Furthermore, I have a strong personal connection to the holocaust and I am glad that I had the opportunity to educate others about such an atrocity.

Carly Wolf –author of Denial Page
My name is Carly Wolf and I am a  second year student at the University of California in Santa Barbara.  I am a double major in Psychology and Sociology with an interest in Public Health.  This class provided an opportunity for me to learn in more depth about the Holocaust which I have had quite a bit of background in.  From a young age, I began to learn about the Holocaust at Hebrew School and attended a 7 day trip to Poland in eleventh grade where I learned in more depth about the situation which existed there.  I went to five different concentration camps and examined many other ghettos, Jewish learning centers and synagogue in order to understand the situation better.  As a responsibility to my heritage and as an American I believe it be extremely important that the events of the Holocaust are discussed so that they do not happen again in the future.

Lauren Freeman- author of Anti-semitism Page
My name is Lauren Freeman, and I am a second year English major at the University of California Santa Barbara.  Until now, I had always attended a Jewish day school, and I participated on an exchange program to Israel.  I also traveled to Eastern Europe, and visited all of the ghettos and concentration camps that I have learned about.  For these reasons, I have always been interested in learning about the Holocaust, and I feel that I have a responsibility as a Jewish teenager to be educated about my history.  The topic of America during the Holocaust appealed to my group because it is a personal issue that has always pondered me.  I have always wondered why it took America so long to intervene when millions of people were being massacred.

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