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There are four members that comprise this group:  Keren Wexler, Lauren Freeman, Carly Wolf and [7/6/07: name removed] (authors page).  We have chosen to work together in a group because we all had a similar interest and frustration over America’s delayed involvement in the Holocaust.  When we met the first time, we brainstormed, and came up with many possible broad ideas.  As we began to narrow down our topic we stumbled upon one major theme that bound together three secondary factors: America’s isolationist policy, and three possible factors that added to America’s delay:  America’s possible denial and ignorance of the holocaust, and anti-Semitism in America.  After distinguishing four specific topics we then needed to choose which group member would research which topic.  K. [name removed 7/6/07] chose to research America’s isolationist policy because she is skeptical of the idea that Americans claim this is their sole reason why they did not involve themselves sooner.  Keren was inclined to research America’s possible ignorance towards the holocaust because she has been educated for many years about the events that occurred during the holocaust but never about America’s involvement.  Consequently, she was curious as to why America took so long to enter the war while genocide took place.  Furthermore, Carly researched the aspect of potential denial because she wondered why it took America so long to intervene.  Consequently, she researched the American Press because she believes it largely influences public perception.  Lastly, Lauren researched anti-Semitism in America because she has always felt strongly about the constant oppression against the Jews and feels a personal connection to this topic.  After each individual group member did their own research and then compiled it we met as a group to formulate our website.  We all decided on a similar background, text style and format for each individual page so as to provide some form of unity. 

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