The United States Sits in Silence
Where Was the US During the Holocaust?

America during the time of the holocaust was considered one of the most powerful nations in the world.  Economically, politically and socially, America was a model of democracy, success and freedom.  After World War I, America adopted a policy of Isolationism, preventing their involvement in other countryís domestic and international conflicts.  In Eastern Europe, during the 1930ís Hitlerís regime stripped all non-Aryans, specifically Jews, of their civil liberties and humanity.  Millions were massacred while America sat in silence- Was America in denial of the harsh realities or were they complying with their isolationist policy? There are a variety of theories as to why the US waited years before entering the war.  It is economically and politically proven that America maintained an isolationist policy with regard to foreign relations between 1920 and 1941.  However, there were underlying factors such as ignorance, denial and anti-Semitism that further explain why America failed to become involve in the Holocaust prior to 1941.   
Isolationist policy (7/6/07: page removed at the request of the author)
Understanding the neutrality policy that the United States Government adopted
The political and economic reasons behind the United Stateís implementation of this policy
Ignorance (link to US Ignorance page) by Keren Wexler (author page)
The information provided to the American press by the Nazi regime may have been faulty leading to American ignorance.
Was American Press given valid information about the holocaust?
Denial (link to US Holocaust denial page) by Carly Wolf (author page)
If Americans were indeed educated about the Holocaust, were they simply in denial of the truth and in turn chose to remain neutral?
Anti-Semitism (link to US Anti-Semitism page) by Lauren Freeman (author page)
An anti-Semitic sentiment existed among American Congress and the general public. 
Was a negative feeling towards the Jews a cause for Americaís behavior during the Holocaust? 

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