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Carlyís Denial Sources:

Kerenís Ignorance Sources:
This article, entitled "Historians and History," is written by Virginia L. Close. She uses the opening of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC as her forum to begin her article.She focuses on the importance of remembering what occurred during the holocaust.Furthermore, she stresses that as holocaust survivors are diminishing the public is becoming more ignorant about what happened.
This article entitled, Power, Ignorance, and Anti-Semitism:Henry Ford and His War on Jews, is written by Jonathan K. Logsdon.This article deals with the history of the American Jews and a man name Ford who published papers and a law suit on Jews based on Anti-Semitism.Fordís goal was to save America from Jewish denomination.
This website is sponsored by Teen and portrays an interview between Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld.This interview focuses on present day teenagers knowledge of the holocaust.This article deals with teenagers ignorance about the holocaust, specifically gentiles

Lipstadt, Deborah.Beyond Belief: The American Press and the :Coming of the Holocaust 1933-1945. >New York. A Division of Macmillan, Inc., The Free Press, 1986.
Broken up in chapters that discuss the different aspects of the Holocaust, Lipstadtís book provides insight on the events of the holocaust and the general publicís response to these events.Through this book, we were able to examine the means by which Americans opinions formed concerning the Holocaust which consequently led to their late involvement or mediation of the events in Germany.

Abzug, Robert h.America Views the Holocaust, 1933-1945: A Brief Documentary History.Boston/New York.Bedford/St. Martinís. 1999.
This book is broken up into chapters that combine historical articles and the authorís commentary.This book focuses on Americaís view of the Holocaust and the variety of ways that America responded.This book was extremely helpful in formulating concrete evidence to support our arguments.

Laurenís Anti-Semitism Sources:

Learn more about anti-Semitism, and its history:

View a link off the Washington DC Holocaust Museum Website.This is a trustworthy and informative site about America during the Holocaust:

The above links are from the Washington D.C. Holocaust museum.This website is proven reliable, and presents a presentation of documentary, photographic, and cinematographic resources about the Holocaust.There are even ways to view current exhibits online.

In David Wymanís work The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust 1941-1945, he discusses the way in which America, supposedly the land of security, offered little aid to European Jews during a time of great crisis and need.He proves throughout, that America was too passive in its actions and beliefs.

Wyman, David S.The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust 1941-1945. New York; Pantheon Books, 1984.

Kís Foreign Policy Sources: [name removed by request 7/6/07]

Schulzinger, Robert D.U.S. Diplomacy Since 1900.Oxford University Press, Inc.New York, 1998.(UCSB call# E744.S399.)

Schulzinger describes the american foreign policy from the turn of the century, through the First World War, the Isolationist Policy, the Second World War, through post-Cold War issues. The author remains detached and tries to focus on stating the facts of American foreign policy in order to examine it objectively.For my subject, I particularly utilized sources on American foreign policy from 1920-1941.Reasons are stated and the aftermath of World War I is discussed, as well as the Isolationist Policy of the 1930ís.The events leading directly up to World War II and Americanís entrance into the war are also portrayed.

This site provides articles and information relative to the American Isolationist Policy which was adopted after the First World War and carried through the time of the Holocaust and up until the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Sponsored by PBS, this website offers more links and information to the American experience during the Holocaust which may provide more insight into the United Statesí adhesion to domestic political policies rather than morally obligatory affairs.

Described U.S. Foreign Policy from 1920-1940.This site outlines the acts proposed and passed, and the events that occurred and led up to the United Statesí involvement in the Second World War.

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