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Eva Braun”
This site gives a short, yet thorough, biography of Eva Braun.  It lists the
facts plainly and does it chronologically, unlike many of the other sources.”
Though this site primarily speaks of a lost photo album of Eva’s being
rediscovered, it also gives evidence to the relationship between Hitler and Eva
and delves deeper into their personal lives.”
This site even more specifically speaks of the personal relations and
experiences had between Eva and Hitler throughout their short lives.  This is
probably the best site for exploring their true nature, yet it definitely takes
the stance of showing Eva as in agreement with Hitler’s views.

Magda Goebbels
        This site is originally in German and I had it translated into English.  
        It offers a brief timeline of Magda’s life and marriage to Goebbels.  
        Some of the translations seem awkward and would probably be better
        to read it in its original German.
        For a more in depth site that focuses mainly on Goebbels and his
        marriage to Magda.  It is still relatively brief but gives a good insight
        into the intricate troubles of their marriage and Goebbels many love
        This site offers a brief paragraph on Magda as well as the other
        prominent women in Hitler’s life such as Eva Braun, Winifred Wagner,
        and Leni Riefenstahl.  
Meissner, Hans-Otto.  Magda Goebbels: The Lady of the First Reich.  New York:
The Dial Press 1980. Call # DD247 G62 M 4313
This is a very thorough auto-biography that includees not only Magda's
involvement with the Nazi regime but also her early family life and childhood,
as well as her previous marriage.  It seems to be very fact based, using actual
accounts from people of the time along with other historical documents.

Winifred Wagner
This site gives a basic description of the life of Wagner as well as her
connection to Hitler and the Nazi regime. It didn't seem very biased in either
way, but didn't give many details.
This website describes a television series about the women in Hitler’s life. The
blurb about Wagner gave much of the same information as the website above with
a few new perspectives and more information about the relationship between
Wagner and Hitler.

Leni Riefenstahl
This website is very thorough in its descriptions of Riefenstahl’s life, but
from the perspective of her own followers, so the site is very geared towards
showing her in a positive light.
This website focuses in the film interview by Ray Mueller of Riefenstahl, as
well as giving some background information and opinionated commentary.
This site gives a fantastic biography of Riefenstahl, including before, during,
and after the Nazi era.

Zarah Leander”
This site is an article about the SS guards’ participation in Die Grosse Liebe.”
More commentary on the film, but the above website is more thorough than this
This website gives a summary of Zarah’s life with important dates and names
included.  There are many facts within her biography listed here as well as a
complete filmography.

Marlene Dietrich”
This site gives a detailed biography and fact based list of Marlene’s life.
There is a complete filmography included as well.”
This is an article about Marlene being welcomed back to Germany after her death,
but it also goes into (slightly) about how the public felt she was a traitor to
some extent even today, while the government had turned their heads and basked
in the glow of her stardom.  They could swallow the pride of the past because
they were proud that she was a famous German by blood.

Ilse Koch
These websites offer good information on her crimes, brutality, sentencing and
offer interesting photographs:
        This website also offers good information on the Buchenwald camp
        and links to other Buchenwald sites.
        This site also offers general information on Irma Grese and other
        female guards of the time.

Irma Grese
        This site offers more background and childhood information on Irma
        than most sites as well as specifics on her crimes and details of her    
        sentencing and execution.
        This site is a more general, chronological listing of Irma’s life, crimes,
        and sentencing.  It is good if you want a brief overview of facts.  It
        also provides information on other female guards.
This site features more on what happened to the prisoners in the camps and on
the statistical information of approximately how many prisoners were killed a
day and were held in the camp at a given time.

Herta Bothe
This website gives information about many of the women involved in the
Holocaust, as well as the camps at which jewish prisoners were held. The
website is dedicated to educating people about the Holocaust to prevent it from
occuring ever again.
Although I can no longer access this website, it was very useful in researching
the testimony against Bothe. I found a detailed account of the Belsen trials,
including witnesses’ accounts and the criminals’ sentences. I used sections
III, IV, and VI. This is the only website I found that gave quotes from
survivors, telling of the cruelties commited by Bothe and her peers.
This website also gives information about the trial, but not as detailed as the
above website.

This is the most in-depth site I was able to find on Bergen-Belsen. It gives
details of the camp's history and gives pictures and maps.
This site gives information about the camp itself as well as quotes from
prisoners and the background of the camp's commandant, Josef Kramer.

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