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Harold Marcuse presenting at a 1992 conference in Brussels
at a conference in Brussels, Dec. 1992

Harold Marcuse:

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  1. "The Politics of Memory: Nazi Crimes & Identity in West Germany, 1945-1990."
  2. "Former Concentration Camps and the Politics of Identity in West Germany, 1945-1990." (back to top)
    • Great Lakes Consortium for European Studes, Minneapolis, February 1997.
    • text (first 3 pages)
    • emphasis on questions of identity
  3. "Dachau and the Memory of National Socialism." (back to top)
    • Conference "Geteilte Geschichte: A History Shared and Divided: The Two Germanies, 1945-1990," May 1997.
    • text
  4. "Nazi History and Political Culture in West Germany since 1945." (back to top)
    • All-UC conference of history departments, May 1997.
    • text with my table of moral categories (after Habermas) at end
  5. "The Berlin National Memorial to the Victims of War and Tyranny: From Conflict to Consensus."Kathe Kollwitz sculpture in Berlin Neue Wache, 1993 (back to top)
  6. "Adapting Dachau to the Needs of Visitors, 1933-2000." (back to top)
    • Association of American Geographers' Conference, Honolulu, March 1998.
    • text without footnotes [revised Jan. 2001]
    • due to be published in fall 2004 in: G.J. Ashworth and Rudi Hartmann (eds), Horror and Human Tragedy Revisited: The Management of Sites of Atrocity for Tourism. (New York: Cognizant Books, 2005?)
  7. "Generational Cohorts and the Shaping of Popular Attitudes Towards the Holocaust."
    • 'Remembering for the Future' conference, Oxford, July 2000. (back to top)
    • text (with table but without footnotes),
    • abstract (2 pages. w/ questions).
    • Published in: Remembering for the Future (London: Palgrave: 2001), vol. 3, pp. 652-663.
    • Summary presented Feb. 2004 UC German History get-together at UC Berkeley; see conference summary (I'm sitting the third from left in the picture.)
    • The utility of the "generation" vs. "cohort" concepts were discussed at this March 2010 conference in Hamburg comparing "Contemporary History in East and West" (Tagungsbericht on HSozKult)
  8. "Technology in the History-Social Science Classroom." (back to top)
    • California History-Social Science Project, first follow-up workshop, UCSB, Feb. 2002.
    • detailed web outline
  9. "Lessons from The Diary of Anne Frank." (back to top)
  10. "Das Erbe von Dachau Vom Gebrauch und Missbrauch eines Konzentrationslagers, 1933-2001," book presentation in Dachau Castle, 31 July 2002. (back to top)
  11. "Personal Remembrance and History," week-long professional development workshop for K-12 teachers, July 26-30, 2004. I made a separate page with my three presentations about: Marcuse presenting about teaching the Holocaust, 2004
    • teaching goals
    • interviewing historical witnesses, and
    • Holocaust denial.
  12. "The Internet as a Venue for Scholarly Interaction with the Public." (back to top)
  13. "Memories of Genocide and the Development of Collective Moral Identities." (top)
  14. "How Dachau Has Changed: Ideas and Goals of Its Presentation, 1945-2005"
    • presented at a German-French conference in Munich, on April 29, 2005.
    • 2 page pdf with 12 ppt slides
    • German text (pdf) and French translation (pdf)--both were published
    • The conference website was: www.dachau2005.com (removed 2007, blank in web archive). 

  15. "Zotero and Endnote: Note-Taking & Bibliographic Software for Historians,"
  16. "Exhibiting Dachau, 1945-2005,"
  17. "Von der Monumentalität zur Spurensicherung: Dachau seit 1945" [From Monumentality to the Preservation of Traces: Dachau since 1945], symposium Dachau/München--Ort und Erinnerung [Dachau-Munich: Place and Memory], Munich, July 19, 2008
  18. "Lessons of the Holocaust in Germany: Past, Present, Future,"
    • keynote lecture at the UC Irvine symposium Teaching the Holocaust, April 13, 2010
    • 8 page pdf with 48 ppt slides (32 shown, others with commentary + 2 extras at end)
  19. "From Avoidance to Affirmation: The Evolution and Functions of Holocaust Memorialization in Germany, 1945-present,"
    • presentation at the conference "Memorializaiton of the Holocaust and World War II," at the University of Haifa, Israel, Nov. 17, 2010
    • 6 page pdf with 36 slides (note: not all slides shown: hidden slide titles in [ ] )
  20. "The Global Landscape of Holocaust Memorialization," for the UCSB Interdisciplinary Humanities Center's Geographies of Place series, Santa Barbara, January 19, 2011.

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