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Books about Germany since 1945:
Student Book Essay Index Page

essays written for UCSB Hist 133c:
Germany since 1945

Prof. Harold Marcuse

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This page links to over 90 book essays written by students in Professor Marcuse's
Germany since 1945
lecture course at UC Santa Barbara since 2004.

  • What was the assignment? Basically, to summarize and examine a book on post-1945 German history, using concepts from the course. For details, see the 2007 Book Essay handout (2006 version), and 2007 Web Publication guidelines (shorter 2006 version).
  • How did the students choose the books? In 2004 the students chose the books themselves; in 2006 I also supplied a few suggestions; in 2007 I had a more detailed page of book suggestions. I trying to offer both new books and important older books. I also suggest more arcane titles when students come to me with specific interests.
  • Which student essays were selected for web publication?
    • In 2008, 39 (29+10 conditional) of 50 qualified for the web option, and 35 ultimately chose it.
    • In 2007, 27 of 45 qualified for (B+ or better on paper), and 23 ultimately chose this option.
    • In 2006, 19 of 32 qualified for (B+ or better on paper), and 17 ultimately chose this option.
    • In 2004, 12 of 33 students opted to meet the earlier deadline and do the additional editing and bibliographic work to have their papers published here, while 4 more students submitted their papers at my request (15 total).
  • Can I cite these essays? Yes, just as you can cite anything you find on the internet. But do not quote from them or otherwise use the text unless you cite them ! See my plagiarism warning, below.
  • How are the essays arranged on this page? I'm trying to think of a better way, but for now each course has its own table of links: 2004-16 essays, 2006-17 essays, 2007-23 essays. The headings on the left offer a general content guide, but the best way to find something (like your name) is to do a page find (ctrl-f in most browsers). Google indexes them, so if you are searching for a particular book, you may find one of these essays among your search results..

2008 Book Essays
* means especially good annotated bibliography
Nazism & Its Legacies
Simone Sandoval on
Robert Lifton,
Nazi Doctors

(W.W. Norton, 1969)
Christopher Meltzer on
Erich Boehm,
We Survived: 14 Histories

(Clio Press, 1966 [1949])
Allied Occupation:
Trials & Military
*Sasha Romanowsky on
Richard Overy,
Interrogations: The Nazi Elite

(Penguin, 2001)
*Kristen Dimperio on
Norbert Ehrenfreund,
The Nuremberg Legacy

(Macmillian, 2007)

Jonathan Rosecranz on
Maria Höhn,
GIs and Fräuleins

(North Carolina, 2003)

Allied Occupation:
James Coon on
James Bacque,
Crimes and Mercies
(Little, Brown, 1997)
Matt Stegner on
Giles MacDonough,
After the Reich: ... Occupation

(Basic Books, 2002)

Emma Westman on
Maria Höhn,
GIs and Fräuleins

(North Carolina, 2003)

Allied Occupation:
Race & Policies
*Gregory Klippness on
Daniel Rogers,
Politics after Hitler

(NYU Press, 1995)
*Craig Nelson on
Daniel Rogers,
Politics after Hitler

(NYU Press, 1995)

*Brian Thomson on
Avi Shlaim,
The US & Berlin Blockade

(UC Press, 1982)

H. Fehrenbach :
Race after Hitler

Allison Capozzoli on
Heide Fehrenbach,
Race after Hitler

(Princeton UP, 2005)

Caitlin Rolla on
Heide Fehrenbach,
Race after Hitler

(Princeton UP, 2005)
Andrea Small on
Heide Fehrenbach,
Race after Hitler

(Princeton UP, 2005)
Jews in Post-1945 Germany
Raquel Abrahamian on
Jay Geller,
Jews in Germany, 1945-53

(Cambridge UP, 2005)
Jenna Leonard on
Jay Geller,
Jews in Germany, 1945-53

(Cambridge UP, 2005)
Sina Sadighi on
Michael Brenner,
After the Holocaust

(Princeton, 1997)
Cold War: Berlin
Kristin Van Ramshorst on
Andrei Cherny,
Candy Bombers/Berlin Airlift

(NY: Penguin, 2008)
Robin Garnham on
Rolf Steininger,
The Stalin Note of 1952

(Columbia Univ. Press, 1990)
Ryan Langen on
Frederick Taylor,
The Berlin Wall, 1961-89

(Harper, 2007)
East Germany
1950s & 60s
Caitlin Smith on
Joel Agee,
Twelve Years: An American...

(Univ. Chicago, 1981)
Nadia Ismail on
Joel Agee,
Twelve Years: An American...

(Univ. Chicago, 1981)
Monish Patel on
Gearson & Schake (eds.),
The Berlin Wall Crisis

(Palgrave Macmillan, 2002)
West Germany:
Jeffrey Mercado on
Robert Moeller,
War Stories

(UC Press, 2001)
Sean Murray on
Robert Moeller,
War Stories

(UC Press, 2001)

*Mackenzie Weinger on
Frank Biess,

(Princeton, 2006)

Memories of Nazism & Auschwitz Trial
Catherine M.D. Fishman on
Jeffrey Herf,
Divided Memory

(Harvard Univ. Press, 1997)
Samantha Curtis on
Devin Pendas,
Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial

(Cambridge Univ. Press, 2006)
Lance Kosher on
Rebecca Wittmann,
Beyond Justice

(Harvard Univ. Press, 2005)
Extremism W & E
(RAF & Stasi; Nazis)
Syna Saberi on
Jeremy Varon,
Bringing the War Home [RAF]

(UC Press, 2004)
  Corey Brown on
Thomas Brussig,
Heroes Like Us: [Stasi]

(Farrar, Strauss, Giroux, 1997)
East Germany's Demise
David Massey on
Claus Offe,
Variaties of Transition

(MIT Press, 1997)
Kyle Leighton on
Jeanette Madarász,
Working in East Germany

(Palgrave MacMillan, 2006)
Unification & Neo-Nazism
Connor Culhane on
A James McAdams,
Germany Divided: Wall to ...

(Princeton UP, 1993)
Lars Burkhardt on
H. James & M. Stone (eds.)
Reactions to Germ. Unification

(U. North Carolina, 1992)

Rachel Gelb on
Ingo Hasselbach,
Führer-X: Memoirs of ...

(Random House, 1996)

2007 Book Essays (2007 template)
& Occupation
Miguel Melendrez on
Constantine Fitzgibbon,

(W.W. Norton, 1969)
Eteri Samsonidze on
Jay Geller,
Jews in Germany, 1945-53

(Cambridge UP, 2005)
Adan Saucedo on
George Lavy,
Germany and Israel

(F.Cass, 1996)
The Radical Right, 1870-2000, &
East Germany
Andrew Milman on
Lee McGowan,
The Radical Right, 1870-present
(Longman, 2002)
Dan Schneiderman on
Lee McGowan,
The Radical Right, 1870-present
(Longman, 2002)

Jessica Wong on
Corey Ross,
East German Dictatorship

(Arnold, 2002)

Victor Fernandez Murillo on
Elizabeth Heinemann,
What Difference does ...

(UC Press, 1999)
Graham Fischer-Ortiz on
Robert Moeller,
War Stories

(UC Press, 2001)

Kevin Brady on
Gary Bruce, E. German Resistance, 1945-55
(Rowman & Littlefield, 2003)

Dealing with the Nazi Past:
Jeffrey Olick

Shannon Heliker on
Jeffrey Olick,
In the House of the Hangman

(Chicago, 2005)

Mary Hull on
Jeffrey Olick,
In the House of the Hangman

(Chicago, 2005)
Sean Kim on
Jeffrey Olick,
In the House of the Hangman

(Chicago, 2005)
Children of Nazis
Dealing with the Past
Kelsey Figge on
Dan Bar-On,
Legacy of Silence

(Harvard, 1989)
Tim Beckett on
Gerald Posner,
Hitler's Children

(Random House, 1991)
Katie Ritchie on
Norbert & StephanLebert,
My Father's Keeper

(Little, Brown, 2001)
More Children of Nazi Parents
V. Rio Villasenor on
Helga Schneider,
Let Me Go

(Walker, 2004)
West German
Foreign Policy: 
Christopher Young on
William G. Gray,
Germany's Cold War

(North Carolina, 2003)
East Germany
Adam Wenger on
Werner Knop,
Prowling Russia's Zone

(Curtis, 1948)
Nick Szamet on
Daniella Berghahn, DEFA
History of E. German Cinema

(Oxford, 2005)
Matthew Neal on
Feiwel Kupferberg,
Rise & Fall of E. Germany

(Transaction, 2002)
Cold War and Unification
Noelle Hirneise on
Elizabeth Pond,
Beyond the Wall

(Brookings, 1993)
Jun Ahn on
Konrad Jarausch,
Rush to German Unity

(Oxford UP, 1994)

Loni Russell on
Marc Fisher,
After the Wall

(Simon & Shuster, 1995)

2006 Book Essays (back to top) (2006 template)
Andrew Solow on
Renate Fritsch-Bournazel,
Confronting the German Question

(Berg, 1988)
Elizabeth Clark on
Stefan Heym,
Five Days in June

(Prometheus, 1978)
Patrick Osborne on
Charlies Williams,

(Wiley & Sons, 2000)
Legacies of

Lyndsey Romero,
interview with Joseph Peus
(b. 1936)
compared with Jost Hermand,
Hitler Youth in Poland

Ashley Tacub on
Traudl Junge,
Until the Final Hour

(Arcade, 2003)
Joe Cole on T.H. Tetens,
The New Germany and the Old Nazis

(Random House,1961)
Crimes & Trials
Sarah Thomas on
Elie Wiesel, Night
(1959, ..., 2001)
Sofia Menchaca on
Joseph Persico,

(Penguin, 1994)
Lindsey Asher on
Rebecca Wittmann,
Beyond Justice

(Harvard, 2005)
The Stasi
Noah Kircher-Allen on
Mike Dennis, Stasi
(Longman, 2003)
Tracy Kavanaugh on
John Koehler, Stasi
(Westview, 1999)
Brieahna Cruse on
Anna Funder, Stasiland
(Granta, 2003)
Division and Unification
Nilesh Maharaj on
W.R. Smyser,
From Yalta to Berlin

(St. Martins, 1999)
Kirill Tarasenko on
Konrad Jarausch (ed.),
Uniting Germany

(Berghahn, 1994)

Karina Alvarez on
Dirk Philipsen,
We Were the People

(Duke, 1993)

Remembering Nazism
Stephanie Malcolm on
Brian Ladd,
Ghosts of Berlin

(Chicago, 1997)

Katie Irwin on
Geoff Eley (ed.):
The Goldhagen Effect

(Michigan, 2000)

2004 Book Essays (back to top)
Aaron Johnson on
Wilfred Burchett, 1950
a journalist in eastern Germany, 1948
Sean deGroot on
Franz von Nesselrode, 1963
an attempt to understand East Germany
Armando Godinez on
Corey Ross, 2000
History of E. Germany, 1945-65
Dina Carini on
East German dissident
Robert Havemann

Michael Duerr on
Ute Poiger, 2000
on E & W German youth and US music

Arty Hernandez:
Michael Wolffsohn, 1993
on German-Israeli Relations,

Margarita Lozano on
Hannah Arendt, 1963
on the 1961 Eichmann Trial in Jerusalem
Russell Matheny on
T.H. Tetens, 1961
on Nazis in West Germany, 1958-61
Lisa Rouzer:
Lewis 1991, Tauber 1967
on neo-Nazism in Germany
Kayla Knoess:
S. and N. Lebert, 2001
interviews with children of Nazi perpetrators
Joseph Chapel on
Three German Films:
The Heath is Green (1951),
Das Boot
Run Lola Run

Carlos Magaña on
Klaus Neumann, 2000
memories of Nazism in Celle

Andrew Vogelbach on
Helga Haftendorn, 1985
German Foreign Policy,
Stephanie Ables on
David Schumaker, 1995
on Gorbachev and
German Unification,

Summer Sandhoff on
Daphne Berdahl, 1999
on the East German border town Kella, 1990-92

Ursula Ginder (a graduate student), on Two Pivotal Art Exhibitions in Munich in 1937

Any student tempted to use one of these papers for an assignment in another course or school should be aware of the serious consequences for plagiarism. Here is what I write in my syllabi:

Plagiarism—presenting someone else's work as your own, or deliberately failing to credit or attribute the work of others on whom you draw (including materials found on the web)—is a serious academic offense, punishable by dismissal from the university. It hurts the one who commits it most of all, by cheating them out of an education. I report offenses to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.

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