Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Holocaust
(UCSB Hist 33D), by Professor Harold Marcuse
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Course Description and Goals

This lecture course is designed for undergraduates of all disciplines (natural and social sciences, fine arts, humanities) with no prior college-level coursework in history. It has two goals: to introduce students to the history of one of the most significant events of the 20th century, and to explore some of the different ways scholars, writers and artists attempt to explain and interpret it.
The course begins with an investigation of the "historical facts," but quickly moves to questions of causation (why did those events happen?). We will examine attempts to answer this question by scholars in various disciplines, comparing, assessing, and combining different perspectives, in order to come up with an understanding of our own.

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This course discussion list is for posting questions or observations, so that you can receive responses from me (Prof. Marcuse) and/or your classmates. I am recycling a list from a previous course, since it was rarely used by students--so ignore the first 6 postings. I hope that you will use it more than they did!

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Explore some of these on-line courses to see some of the different emphases set by instructors of Holocaust/Nazi Germany courses.

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I keep all student work for at least one quarter after the course is over. If you would like to pick up your work, please come to my office. During my office hours is usually best for me, but if you would like your work left in the envelope outside my door, or to arrange a different pick-up time, send me an e-mail or leave a note.

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